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Isnt that what you are looking for in picking an attorney for YOUR injury case? You want an attorney you can TRUST.

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Dear Mr. Tully, Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jessica Tully (no relation) and I own a small law firm north of Pittsburgh. I am a Duquesne Law grad and have been in practice for nine years. During this time, I have disappointed countless people who, upon learning my last name, excitedly ask me if I am related to Bernie Tully. I hesitate to answer them truthfully because their response is always the same when I do- the light behind their eyes dims, their smiles drop and they say, “That’s too bad, Bernie’s a great attorney.” This creates an awkward lull in the conversation. I find myself wanting to reassure them – who knows- maybe we ARE related through some distant ancestor. Perhaps we share the same lawyer DNA that has left such a lasting impression on so many people in Pittsburgh. I have been truly impressed by how frequently I hear wonderful things about you and thought you should know that I live in the shadow of your shining reputation and achievements – if this doesn’t make us family, I don’t know what does. I opened my own firm two years ago and it is a constant hustle to get new clients. As my work in energy law has slowed, I’ve thought about capitalizing on our name association to promote my other practices; surely, it would be YEARS before you found out you had a daughter/niece/cousin (I haven’t yet decided) who practices real estate and estate planning law in New Galilee, PA. By that time, you’d be retired and we could all have a good laugh about it in front of the ethics board. But, alas, I cannot tell a lie, for that is not the Tully way. I hope that one day we will have an opportunity to meet, as I’ve heard so much about you. Have a wonderful evening! Sincerely, The Other Tully

That is a real post I received on LinkedIn on May 13,2016. Bernie.


Jessica: Well you certainly made my day! I cannot get over the similarities here. First I in fact have a daughter named JESSICA TULLY who just finished up her second year at Penn State Dickinson law school. Second my son Michael Tully, Jessica’s twin brother, just finished his second year at Duquesne Law school where you graduated. Third we happen to live North of Pittsburgh in the Wexford area where you work. I would love to grab a coffee with you when you are in downtown Pittsburgh where my offices are. I work in the Lawyer’s Building on Forbes Avenue. Bernie

READERS Hopefully my reputation means something when you are deciding whether I am an attorney you can TRUST with your injury case!

Call me today! Bernie.

And now for a little bit more…If you are from Pittsburgh or our surrounding Counties from Erie to the West Virginia border, some of the following may be of interest to YOU!


I have been practicing law for over 35 years. I am Pittsburgh born and breed through and through.

You and I probably root for the same teams together.

The Pittsburgh Pirates, the Pittsburgh Penguins and of course the Pittsburgh Steelers.

A long standing joke in our office is that I am available to talk to my clients at anytime of the day or night. Except for when the Pittsburgh Steelers are playing.

I was born and raised in the West End area of the City of Pittsburgh. I went to St. James grade school in the West End.

Then it was on the high school in 1967.

I graduated from CANEVIN High School in 1970.

In my junior and senior year’s there, I was on the wrestling team. In my senior year we were the Catholic League high school runners-up  for the Wrestling State Championship.

I came in second in the state in my weight class at 138 pounds.

I don’t know if it’s a blessing or curse, but I’m still around that same weight today at age 63.

After high school, I went to Duquesne University for college.

That was a great experience there.

It was part of the city of Pittsburgh but was separate from the downtown area. As just about everyone knows it was up on a place called the Bluff. Still old enough to remember when the Duquesne basketball team was on the par with Pitt basketball.

My God that was so long ago.

So I came out at Duquesne University with a bachelors degree in political science.

That and a quarter would’ve gotten me a cup of coffee. But not much else.

So after graduating from Duquesne University in 1974, I worked  for an environmental Biology company. The name of the company was NUS Corporation.

We were hired to do an environmental impact statement on one of the Finger Lakes Waters called Cayuga Lake. It was up in Ithaca New York, Where Cornell University is located.

Suffice it to say that my job was to act as the hands of the operation. In plain English I was the one who would pull up the ropes and nets on the fishing boats we used to conduct the environmental impact statements.

It was one of the greatest experiences of my life.


Because I was working with a bunch of other people about my age on our own in New York.

And we were on an unlimited budget.

You can imagine what it was like with a bunch of 23-year-old kids driving boats and having an unlimited expense account through the company.

So I did that for couple years. That I started to get restless because I didn’t see much of a future in that area especially without a biology degree.

So I got the bright idea I’m going to law school. And I did in 1976.

I went to Ohio Northern University law school in Ada Ohio. That is near Lima Ohio.

I went to the law school there without knowing a single person there.

The university itself was in the middle of nowhere. As a matter fact,when my brother Jimmy and I drove there to check the place out, we nearly passed it up because it was so small.

Anyway I must say, the students that went to Ohio Northern University School of Law were there for one purpose and one purpose only.

That was to study. The reason for that, was because there was absolutely nothing else going on there.

So what else could you do there but study? Anyway that’s what I did three years.

I graduated from Law School in 1979.

I knew I wanted to come back to Pittsburgh and practice law here.

After all thats where my entire family is  from.

But before I did that I had to pass the Bar Exam. And fortunately I did pass it on my first try.

Then I got the job of a lifetime for a young attorney. I was hired as an Assistant District Atty.  under Bob Colville.


It was the job of a lifetime because an assistant District Atty. gets to go into court immediately.

That is unlike most law firms where it might be five or six years until you get to try your first case.


Heck I started my first jury trial a week after I passed the Bar Exam. And it never slowed down. It was one case after the other.

I probably tried over 100 jury trials working at the District Attorney’s Office in Allegheny County.

After 5 1/2 years there, it was time for change. So I was lucky enough to get a job working at a small civil law firm. The name of the firm was Stokes Laurie and Cole. They did mostly car accident and civil cases.

So that’s how I made the transition from criminal law to civil law. I got to get into the courtroom a lot with the firm doing civil cases.

Car accidents, Slip and falls, Products liability and any type of cases where a person was injured.

At this point since I did both criminal and civil cases I thought it was time to go out on my own.

I was still single and didn’t have any expenses at all. It doesn’t take a whole lot of money to get by in that situation.

And to be honest the cases just started flowing in from the first day.

I finally got around to getting married in 1991 to my lovely wife Michelle.

We just recently had our 25th wedding anniversary. That was the best thing that ever happened to me getting married.

Along the way we had three lovely children.

Twins Michael and Jessica and my youngest daughter Katie.

Michael and Jessica have just finished up their second year of law school at Duquesne Law school and Penn State law school respectively.

Our youngest daughter Katie just graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Penn State University. Phi Beta Kappa is for students with a grade point average of 3.90 or better out of a possible 4.0. If you got the impression I’m very proud of those three you would be absolutely right.

So with my stepson Kevin and  stepdaughter Beth we have five children.

Kevin works for Reed Smith as an attorney in Pittsburgh. He got married in September 2015. He is a fantastic young man.

Beth is an absolutely wonderful mom with  three lovely children.

Along with her husband Ryan, they’re happily married in Des Moines Iowa.

Michelle and I are empty nesters now (sigh).

We live in the Wexford area of the City of Pittsburgh.

I can’t really say I have any hobbies other than exercise.

We have done about 25 Cruises over the years because the boss(wife)likes them.

Royal Caribbean Cruises are our favorites..but Carnival Cruises are cool too.

I am an absolute KLUTZ doing jobs around the house.

Thank God for Michelle.

But I do genuinely love my job as an attorney. A personal injury lawyer.

It just gives me a wonderful opportunity to meet  different people and try to help them with their problems.

For this I feel eternally grateful…

It’s a wonderful life.

I want to keep doing it as long as I’m physically able to.

Well that’s it for now….

Thanks for reading about me. Bernie

Attorney Bernie Tully is a former Pittsburgh assistant district attorney with more than 30 years of trial experience in western Pennsylvania. He knows how to fight for the rights of injured people and when to seek negotiated settlements with defense lawyers.

Mr. Tully can lead your personal injury claim case with the method that is best suited for recovering maximum compensation. His vast experience covers the full range of personal injury practice areas, and he has handled more than 5,000 cases on behalf of injured people in Pennsylvania.

Bernie Tully is devoted to our clients and maintains strong community connections. He emphasizes personal service and works to establish trust from the beginning of every relationship. Mr. Tully handles complicated and adverse situations professionally to pursue the maximum compensation our clients deserve with confidence and vigor.

It is easy to say but at our Law Firm your case and injuries really matter to us. We make it personal for your benefit.


We personalize our service to you. We think of you as family. That’s why we send you a birthday card on your special day. That is also why I try to call you on your birthday just to say hi and wish you a happy birthday.

That is also why we send out a FREE monthly newsletter to all our former and current clients. Not an email but an actual newsletter that you receive each month in the mail. FREE. Right now we have over 7000 current and former clients on our FREE monthly mail list.

I honestly do not know of any other attorney in Western Pennsylvania who sends out a FREE monthly newsletter to that many clients. Maybe it just means I’m nuts, but I believe the free monthly newsletters keep us in touch with our client base. And our clients are great. They continue to refer us injury cases from their friends neighbors and relatives. If they didn’t think we did a good job for them they wouldn’t be sending us this number of referrals. Maybe they think of us is family too. I sure hope so!

Want to become part of this group? Then call me at 412 281  8700 to discuss your injury claim.

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Hopefully my reputation means something when you are deciding whether I am an attorney you can TRUST with your injury case!

Call me today at 412 281 8700! Bernie.


TRUST–Its all about TRUST…

My guess is one of the biggest issues you are trying to decide is whether you can trust attorney Bernie Tully to represent you in your injury case.

I sure can relate to that. How?

Let me tell you something that just happened to me this week.

We had some shingles come off of our roof at our house last month.

Got some rain in the attic. So we needed to have a roofer go up and check out the problem.

The 1st roofer went up on the roof with his ladder and came down shaking his head.

He said you have a major problem up there and you need a new roof.

It’ll run you about $25,000.

So what was I supposed to do?

I had to take this guy at his word because he’s been a roofer for a long time.

I on the other hand couldn’t tell you the first thing about a roof and whether I needed it repaired or replaced.

BUT there was just something about this guy I didn’t trust.

I couldn’t put it in words but my gut said something is wrong about this guy.

My gut was saying this guy just wants me to get a new roof so he can make himself a lot of money.

The bottom line is I just didn’t trust him.

So I got another roofer to come come out and look at my problem.

Before he even went up on the roof, I had a real good feeling about him. He made eye contact, and wasn’t quick to sell me a bill of goods.

In other words, I trusted him.

It turns out he told me the roof just needed some minor repairs.

Cost is about $400.00.

A LOT cheaper than the 1st guy.

It’s the same issue you have in selecting an attorney to handle your personal injury case.

You have to trust the attorney.

Thats where we really think we have a real advantage over other attorneys.

Because our clients trust us.

Current and former ones too.

You will too if you give us a chance.

Want proof? Here it is. We have been in business for over 35 years doing injury cases.

There’s no way on earth we could be in business that long if our clients did not trust us.

Want more proof?


We have represented many police officers and their family members who have been involved in injury cases over the years.

You know as well as I do, that you can’t get anything past a police officer.

So my question to you is if police trust us to represent them and their families in injury cases why shouldn’t you?


It’s important to you and its important to us too.

It’s what our law firms all about.

Meet with me one time.

If you are not immediately convinced that you can trust us with your case, then please go with someone else.

That’s how sure we are that you will trust us with your case.

The meeting is free. And you do not pay us a penny unless we get you$$$

So what do you have to lose? Call me at 412 281 8700 NOW.

I am Attorney Bernie Tully. And you can trust me.
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