Client Testimonials

Here are a few testimonials we’ve received here at the law offices of Bernard Tully. We would like to thank everyone for their kind words and referrals. It’s clients like you that make what we do here possible!


13 November 2015

Bernie M. Tully, Jennifer (paralegal), and staff were very helpful, kind and supportive. They fought to the fullest for me and still cared to ask me continually if I need anything and how am I feeling. They are all very personable and professional, too!  THEY ARE REAL PEOPLE!  Thanks. Sincerely and much gratitude.

A Testimonial from Pat K.

6 April 2015

I want to thank you for your generous offer. The way the money was allocated made me very happy. I will call at a later date. I do want to let you know, I sincerely appreciate all your kindness and efforts.  Take care.  Happy Easter to you, Jennifer and your staff.

A Testimonial From Norma

24 October 2013

Thanks for your patience and kindness. God Bless Everyone.

A Testimonial From Lisa Ehrlich

4 October 2013

We have really enjoyed working with you and Mr. Tully as well and appreciate the professionalism and care that went into this case.

A Testimonial From Joanne Wirbicki

11 June 2013

Mary Pickersgill is credited with making the first american flag.  Your newsletters are very informative.

A Testimonial From Dicky Lee Ray

8 May 2013

If you are in need of an attorney, it is my humble opinion, you should contact Mr. Tully.  An open and honest appraisal of your situation, a clear and precise explaination of your options and a straight forward approach to get the job done and get you the best results possible, in a very professional manner.  Mr. Tully will not judge you, he will not talk down to you and he will be sure you get the help you need.

Dicky Ray

A Testimonial From Alisha Haigh

1 May 2013

Attorney Bernie Tully represented me for injuries I suffered in an auto accident in April of 2011.  I was extremely pleased and satisfied with the outcome of my case.  I highly recommend Mr. Tully’s services to anyone who needs a caring, experienced attorney.

Alisha Haigh

A Testimonial From Shirley Runyon

25 April 2013


I like receiving your letters every month.

Thank You!

Shirley Runyon

A Testimonial From Marlene Tiskiewiez

1 April 2013

Hi Mr. Bernie,

Thank you so much for the Pirates Schedule. It is greatly appreciated. That is so nice of you to send us one, and all of the other ones you send.

As always, enjoy your newsletters.

Have a great day and take care,

Marlene Tiskiewiez

A Testimonial From Lorraine Leulhauser

April 2013


Your heart is very giving, and mine is very frateful.

Thank you for the leniency. You’ve helped me alot.

You got the job done! “muchas gracias” (thanks)


Lorraine Leulhauser

A Testimonial From Helen Black

April 2013

Mr. Tully,

Saying “thanks” and thinking, too, how very nice it was of you!

Thank you for the Pirate Schedule. It will be on my fridge like my Steeler Schedule was. They are so nice!

Helen Black

P.S. Saw your picture in our Sunday paper!

A Testimonial From Nicholas J. Buday

14 March 2013

Dear Attorney Tully & Associates,

I just wanted to express my deepest gratitude for all of your efforets in securing me a fair settlement for both the loss of my auto and also for the injuries that I sustained in March of 2011.

Your team provided me with excellent legal advice and was timely in processing the numerous documents involved in my case.

But most of all, I was impressed with the kindness of your staff and the concern for my well-being!!!

Also, I appreciate recieving the monthly fliers for the past 2 years! Finally, I will certainly refer your law firm for anyone in need of legal counseling!!

May God bless all of you for the good that you do!


Nicholas J. Buday

A Testimonial From Martha Louise Raffaele

26 October 2012

Dear Mr. Tully,

I want to sincerely thank you for handling my injury case.

I could not have chosen a better attorney.

You are the best, and I give you the highest recommendation possible.

A Grateful Client,

Martha Louise Raffaele

A Testimonial From Mary Connolly

November 2012

“… I also wanted to thank you for your help over the past many years. It is good to have friends you trust when you get in a scrape. Your help & guidance was truly appreciated.

Many Thanks,

Mary Connolly”

A Testimonial From Navada Green

23 July 2012


The flyers I receive monthly are very upspringing. It gives me good legal thoughts. I do read them all the time.

-Navada Green

A Testimonial From the Matuszewskis

15 July 2012

Thank you all so much for your professional help! We truly appreciate all you have done for Greg! You “saved the day” and we are grateful.


Sue, Joe, & Greg Matuszewski

A Testimonial From Jonelle Barbati

11 June 2012

My daughter was in a near fatal car accident in June of 2011. While she was in the hospital, I contacted Mr. Tully’s office. Mr. Tully came to my home, asked about Juliet’s condition, specifics about the case, and explained to me how he would proceed with the case if we signed on with him. We did and Juliet and I are very glad we chose Mr. Tully.

Any time I had a question or concern that I phoned the office with, I spoke with Mr. Tully. If he was not available, Angela was very helpful and I always got a call back from Mr. Tully. I found Mr. Tully to be straight forward, concerned, and very organized. I knew what was going on with the case at all times; No song and dance that I have experienced with other law firms. Mr. Tully sent her copies of the police report and also her medical records.

The case was settled in a timely fashion, Juliet is very happy with her award, and God has returned her to good health. Mr. Tully and Angela were a blessing in a nightmarish experience. I would highly recommend Mr. Bernard Tully.

Sincerely, Jonelle Barbati

A Testimonial From Leslie Margie

1 September 2011

Dear Angela and Attorney Tully,

I just want to thank you both for the good job you did.

If anyone asks for a good attorney I will gladly recommend you.



A Testimonial From Kenneth Sutton

April 19, 2011

Dear Bernie:

I wanted to write you to thank you for all the ways you have helped my family over the years, most recently with my son’s motorcycle accident.

Often you are involved when things are not at their best, but I really appreciate how you handle these problems with a goal of helping and not judging. Somehow you make the tough situations a little better. You have always dealt with me honestly, respectfully and with courtesy and I appreciate it. You have always been available when I needed to reach you and your legal skills have always helped me get the best possible outcome; again much appreciated.

Please feel free to use me as a reference at any time.

My best to you and your family,

Kenneth Sutton

A Testimonial From Tracy Negley

May 2011

Mr. Tully & Denise:

Thank you so much for all of your hard work and patience. I appreciate all you’ve done for me. I’m so glad that I made that initial call to your office and you followed through with me.

I’ll definitely recommend you to anybody I know in need of your services – you guys are awesome. I felt like you sincerely cared. Thanks again.

Tracy Negley

A Testimonial From Mary Joe Nath

July 24, 2010

Mr. Tully, Dee and Staff:

I want to thank you for all you have done for me, my daughter and my husband!

Bernie, you made it a point, in your busy days, to call me often, to check on how we were doing. To also see if we needed any other help from you or your staff. You always reassured us and kept us up to date on our case. You made sure we understood everything, you answered all of our questions and calmed our concerns.

Bernie, no amount of money can give back our quality of life we had prior to the accident.

When I was younger, raising my children and looking into our future, which I saw as bright, healthy, full of life, love and family, it never crossed my mind we would be spending that future suffering in chronic pain. I have a new found respect for anyone suffering day to day, hour to hour in chronic pain; from no fault of their own. However, to obtain an attorney to give you encouragement, support and guidance during such painful periods, is a blessing!

I feel confident in letting people know you are one of the good guys. And if they ever need an attorney to fight for justice while being supportive, caring, truthful and honest, you will be the one I will refer them to.

May God bless you, your staff and family and keep you safe and in his loving care.

Again, thank you for all you have done for us. We are very thankful for the people God has placed in our lives and also for what God has given us!

Gratefully yours,

Mary Joe Nath

A Testimonial From Leslie Marie Fenner

11 November 2010

Hello Everyone…

I just wanted to share my experience with others about the friendliness and efficiency of this wonderful law firm in which I personally have had such favorable results! I and my husband both have nothing but praise and thanks for all the magnificent work everyone has done.

I have been a client for almost 10 years in helping me and my family in several different situations.

Most people are already stressed and nervous when they are calling an attorney, not knowing what road they are about to head down. What struck me most was how I was treated. It was like being part of a family. What do families do, they help each other out. They put you at ease with understanding. It seemed everywhere I was with Mr. Tully everyone knew him and greeted him with pleasantries.

When Attorney Tully calls he refers to himself as “Bernie Tully”. He’s like the father everyone would like to have. He first listens and ponders all you have to say and then his wise wisdom comes into play. Bernie will advise you as to what can and cannot be done, sometimes it’s not what you expect or even want to hear (just like a dad), but you know his years of experience will guide you in the right direction.

I’ve come to think of Angela as the big sister type who knows how things operate in the firm and how Bernie Tully works.

Mary the secretary who does more than answer calls, takes messages, transfers calls and will go the extra mile when needed.

All the rest of his staff and night service are also patient and helpful.

I have referred many people over the years to this firm and if they could help they would or refer you to someone who could. How’s that for honesty.

I will always be grateful for his firm’s beliefs and efforts.

-Leslie Marie Fenner

A Testimonial From Todd James Carroll

10 December 2010


When I saw that Bernie was putting together a few testimonials for his website I decided that I should say a few words on behalf of Bernie and his wonderful law firm.

I had run into some trouble a couple of years back and I needed to find legal representation. Just by asking around in my own family I found two former clients of his that were very satisfied with their outcomes. I decided to give Bernie a call.

Best move I ever made was calling Bernie immediately. He was able to meet with me right away. He made me feel at ease and was understanding and completely non-judgmental. He walked me through how and when everything was going to happen in the courtroom, and advised me on the best course of action to take. Needless to say, I was completely satisfied with the results.

So, why would I recommend calling Bernie?

First of all, there’s Bernie himself. If you ever needed someone in your corner to fight for you he is the man you want to see. He really knows his field and, more importantly, your options. He also seems to know everyone at the courthouse downtown. Everyone I talked to there either knew him by reputation or had worked with him in the past. That alone really made me feel better.

Furthermore, his law office is filled with competent, friendly, personable, and professional people who really love to help. Honestly, you would swear it was a family business by how well the staff functions together. I have worked in a lot of offices in my time and I’ve rarely seen the kind of cohesion his staff demonstrates.

To sum up just let me say this. If you need legal advice of any kind, call Bernie Tully first. You will not be disappointed with your outcome.


Todd Carroll, BSCS