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TRUST–Its all about TRUST

My guess is one of the biggest issues you are trying to decide is whether you can trust attorney Bernie Tully to represent you in your injury case.

I sure can relate to that. How?

Let me tell you something that just happened to me this week.

We had some shingles come off of our roof at our house last month.

Got some rain in the attic. So we needed to have a roofer go up and check out the problem.

The 1st roofer went up on the roof with his ladder and came down shaking his head.

He said you have a major problem up there and you need a new roof.

It’ll run you about $25,000.

So what was I supposed to do?

I had to take this guy at his word because he’s been a roofer for a long time.

I on the other hand couldn’t tell you the first thing about a roof and whether I needed it repaired or replaced.

BUT there was just something about this guy I didn’t trust.

I couldn’t put it in words but my gut said something is wrong about this guy.

My gut was saying this guy just wants me to get a new roof so he can make himself a lot of money.

The bottom line is I just didn’t trust him.

So I got another roofer to come come out and look at my problem.

Before he even went up on the roof, I had a real good feeling about him. He made eye contact, and wasn’t quick to sell me a bill of goods.

In other words, I trusted him.

It turns out he told me the roof just needed some minor repairs.

Cost is about $400.00.

A LOT cheaper than the 1st guy.

It’s the same issue you have in selecting an attorney to handle your personal injury case.

You have to trust the attorney.

Thats where we really think we have a real advantage over other attorneys.

Because our clients trust us.

Current and former ones too.

You will too if you give us a chance.

Want proof? Here it is. We have been in business for over 35 years doing injury cases.

There’s no way on earth we could be in business that long if our clients did not trust us.

Want more proof?


We have represented many police officers and their family members who have been involved in injury cases over the years.

You know as well as I do, that you can’t get anything past a police officer.

So my question to you is if police trust us to represent them and their families in injury cases why shouldn’t you?


It’s important to you and its important to us too.

It’s what our law firms all about.

Meet with me one time.

If you are not immediately convinced that you can trust us with your case, then please go with someone else.

That’s how sure we are that you will trust us with your case.

The meeting is free. And you do not pay us a penny unless we get you$$$

So what do you have to lose? Call me at 412 281 8700 NOW.

I am Attorney Bernie Tully. And you can trust me.

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