Criminal Defense

Call FORMER ASSISTANT DISTRICT ATTORNEY Bernard M. Tully NOW!!! DRUG CHARGES can result in mandatory jail time or they can end in probation or even a not guilty verdict!!

How do you really know where your case falls? As a FORMER ASSISTANT DISTRICT ATTORNEY, I will review every part of your drug charges: from the initial arrest to the final charges against you and advise you whether you are eligible for house arrest, work release, boot camp, or probation.  We will also advise you whether we think we could be successful in a trial.

Remember the State has the burden of proving you guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. You do not have to prove anything. In America, you have an absolute presumption of innocence, despite what the charges are or what the evidence is against you. Many times prosecutors forget that you must be found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt to be convicted and they sometimes encourage unrepresented people to plead guilty by offering them a deal. But how do you know if the deal is a good one for you or not? The only way to really be sure is to talk to an experienced criminal attorney.

If you have been charged with any drug offense contact FORMER ASSISTANT DISTRICT ATTORNEY Bernard M. Tully immediately at 1-800-518-0050. Once you retain our services, it won’t just be you against the police and the prosecution. You will have my 30 years of courtroom experience working for you. Call today and I will tell you over the phone our cost to represent you at any part of the court proceedings, including the Preliminary Hearing. The call is FREE, so what do you have to lose?

Remember you do have options. Call us today at 1-800-518-0050 for a free explanation of what your options are. The call is free, so why not go with the experience of a FORMER ASSISTANT DISTRICT ATTORNEY and call us now at 1-800-518-0050.


We have advised or represented over 4,000 clients over the years. That’s a lot of experience. Let us help you today.

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