Assault Defense


There are a variety of assaults that you can be charged with and Pittsburgh Assault Defense Attorney Bernard Tully recognizes your right to fight these types of cases. You can be charged with:
1. Aggravated assault,
2. Simple assault,
3. Harassment,
4. Disorderly conduct,
5. Or a combination of the above.
Each of these charges are serious and Pittsburgh Assault Defense Attorney Bernard Tully recognizes your rights in these cases.
Your first step if you are charged with aggravated assault or simple assault is to contact us at 412-281-8700. We will review at no charge the allegations against you. You can have a free consultation with us to talk about the charges. We will advise you what we think is your best strategy in your case. If we represent you at the Preliminary Hearing, we will aggressively represent your interests in defending the aggravated assault, simple assault, harassment, or disorderly conduct charges.
Pennsylvania Criminal Defense Attorney Bernard Tully is here to help. I have been practicing criminal defense law for over 25 years. We have represented countless clients who are charged with aggravated and simple assault. We aggressively defend your rights under these charges. Sometimes (although each case is different) we are able to get a resolution of the charges against you at the first level. It is important to talk to you immediately regarding the assault allegations.
Whether you were involved with an assault of someone you knew or someone you just had contact with at a bar, it is important for Pennsylvania Criminal Defense Assault Attorney Bernard Tully to speak to you immediately regarding the charges against you.
Remember the burden is on the Commonwealth to prove you guilty of any charges including aggravated assault or simple assault. You do not have any obligation to prove your innocense. Call Pennsylvania Assault Defense Attorney Bernard Tully to help you immediately with your charges at 412-281-8700.