Drug Offense Defense


In Pennsylvania there are a variety of drug offenses that range from mere possession of a drug to possession with intent to deliver to drug trafficking. Some penalties for drug use are relatively minor and only require probation. Others carry with them mandatory jail time upon conviction. The degree of offense and potential penalties involved in drug offenses are based upon what the drug is and the quantity of the drug.
You should understand that if you are convicted of some drug offenses, regardless of whether you were driving a vehicle or not, that your license could be suspended for a period of time. Even if you were not driving a vehicle when the allegations occurred, you could still be subject to that penalty.
In addition, you should understand that a conviction has severe repercussions regarding employment opportunities. The likelihood in many cases is that employers will not want to hire someone with a drug conviction or keep employing someone with a drug conviction. Therefore, your livelihood could depend upon the successful outcome of the case.
Pittsburgh Drug Offense Criminal Defense Attorney Bernard Tully, takes an individualized approach to any drug case. We initially talk to you in a free consultation to discuss your charges. We review with you the police report and drug results. In the right circumstances, we will meet or discuss with the District Attorney’s office possible ways to resolve your case.
Drug cases begin like any criminal case with a Preliminary Hearing. You will be given notice of when your Preliminary Hearingis scheduled before the District Court in the area where the offense is alleged to have occurred.
I will personally represent you in these drug cases. One advantage you have using Drug Offense Criminal Defense Attorney Bernard Tully is that you will have me, with my 30 years of trial experience on your side. Your case will not be handled by a young associate or someone who is just learning the ropes of the criminal system.
Pittsburgh Drug Offense Criminal Defense Attorney Bernard Tully uses a variety of ways and approaches to get the best resolution for you of your drug charges. It is important to know that there is an approach to drug cases now that is different than in the past. There seems to be a shift in the thinking of the police and prosecutors toward rehabilitation to address the issues of drug use, rather than mere incarceration. Pittsburgh Drug Offense Criminal Defense Attorney Bernard Tully will try to use this shift in thinking to help keep you out of jail. We take a pro-active approach to any drug charges. We are very active in trying to guide you in getting drug treatment for any issues that you have.
Pittsburgh Drug Offense Criminal Defense Attorney Bernard Tully fights for you. We may challenge the basis for the arrest with a Suppression Motion. We will actively pursue your Constitutional Rights including your right to challenge any and all evidence that the prosecution has in aggressively representing you in your drug case.
Some drug cases can result in a resolution called Probation Without Verdict. Each case is different but in a Probation Without Verdict situation for drugs, you could serve a period of probation and at the completion of the probation program, if you have successfully completed the program, the charges against you will be withdrawn. The whole goal behind our legal representation in your drug case is to get you the best possible resolution.
It is also important to keep in mind that Drug Offense Criminal Defense Attorney Bernard Tully does not make value judgements of you and what the charges are against you. Our only job is to try to get the best resolution of your drug charge in an efficient manner.
Call Drug Offense Criminal Defense Attorney Bernard Tully today for any and all drug cases you have, whether you are at the stage of your Preliminary Hearing or if you are scheduled for trial. Remember you have valuable rights for any drug offense. The faster you call Pittsburgh Drug Offense Criminal Defense Attorney Bernard Tully, the quicker we will be able to help you. Call us nowat 412-281-8700.