DUI / DWI Charges

You know you need help. Why not call me now for a free consultation? Why not go to your Preliminary Hearing or trial with a FORMER ASSISTANT DISTRICT ATTORNEY representing you? You know that drunk driving and license suspensions can directly impact you and your family, possibly resulting in jail time and a lengthy loss of your driving privileges. You know you need help. Why not call now for a FREE consultation? The call is free!!

Pennsylvania’s DUI penalties are serious. You may be facing mandatory jail time for certain types of DUI offenses or you may be eligible for probation for certain DUI charges. We will make sure that your rights are protected and that you are fully advised of your Constitutional rights. You can get a general idea of what you are facing by going on the Internet. However, you won’t really know what your individual case involves without talking to an experienced Pennsylvania trial attorney like myself. Initially I can talk to you, at no charge, to discuss potential resolutions of your case. Call FORMER ASSISTANT DISTRICT ATTORNEY Bernard M. Tully now for aFREE consultation at 1-800-518-0050.

Each case is different but sometimes your DUI charges can result in a complete dismissal upon completion of a program. Other times your DUI case can even result in no loss of license, under certain circumstances. Why not call us now at 1-800-518-0050 to get an idea where you case fits in?

DUI / DWI Defense includes:

  • Complete investigation of the traffic stop
  • Review of police procedure during the sobriety test and charge
  • Investigate illegal search and seizure
  • Defense of all related traffic violations
  • Defense of criminal vehicular assault, homicide, if charged
  • All preliminary hearings and court appearances
  • Drivers license suspension administrative hearings
  • File appropriate suppression motions