Juvenile Offense


If your minor child has been accused of a juvenile offense, you certainly understand that the ramifications for an adjudication of delinquency for a juvenile are serious. This can involve even placement outside the home for certain types of juvenile offenses. Contact us today to discuss your child’s Juvenile Court case and we will give you a free evaluation about the matter and how we can best help you.
Pittsburgh Juvenile Crimes Criminal Defense Attorney Bernard Tully is available to serve your needs in the Pittsburgh and surrounding areas. We cover Juvenile Court cases in all of Western Pennsylvania.
We represent juveniles involved in any of the following types of crimes:
1. Property crimes,
2. Probation violations,
3. Thefts,
4. Underage drinking,
5. Drug cases,
6. Drug charges,
7. Shoplifting,
8. Joy riding,
9. Assaults,
10. DUI.
Pittsburgh Juvenile Crimes Criminal Defense Attorney Bernard Tully does not make value judgements on what your child is accused of. We only want to try to help you get the best resolution for you and your child.
I have children of my own and can understand what it is like to deal with these kind of issues. We take the approach of trying to work with you and your child in dealing with any and all juvenile crimes.
Pittsburgh Juvenile Crimes Defense Attorney Bernard Tully has been representing juveniles charged with crimes for over 25 years. Allow our experience as a Pittsburgh Juvenile Crimes Defense Attorney to help you and your child. Call us now at 412-281-8700.