If you have been charged with Protection From Abuse (PFA), you can be the subject of severe penalties. You could be thrown out of your home for up to three years as a result of a Protection From Abuse finding. Regardless of the length of time that you have been married or even if you have been with your significant other for some period of time, all it takes is an accusation of abuse by your mate to throw your life into chaos. Pittsburgh Protection From Abuse Attorney Bernard Tully handles PFA’s on a routine basis. We are able to get the best results for you and are able to put your mind at ease throughout the entire process. Protection From Abuse Attorney Bernard Tully will first talk with you at no charge to discuss the allegations against you. Together we formulate a strategy to help you at the PFA hearing. We accompany you to the PFA hearing on the date in question. We act as your advocate in discussing possible ways to resolve the PFA to the Court and to counsel for the other side.
It is important to keep in mind that even if your mate or spouse does not have the financial means for counsel, that they may be assigned an attorney free of charge to them. Therefore, you do not want to go into this hearing, where important rights are involved, without an attorney of your own. That is where Protection From Abuse Attorney Bernard Tully can assist you in this matter.
We have been representing clients in Protection From Abuse (PFAs) cases for over 25 years. We know how to get the right results. Often times we are able to work out an agreement with the other side that meets with everyone’s approval so that your best interests are preserved. Every case, of course, is different but our goal is to treat your case as unique and do everything we can to help you in fighting the PFA charges.
Remember that a PFA finding can affect your ability to have and use a gun. It can also affect your ability to continue employment. And most importantly, it can affect your right to live in your own home.
Call us today for a free consultation regarding your PFA charges. This is a matter that should require immediate priority since the likelihood is that there is already a hearing date scheduled for your PFA.
We travel all throughout the area in representing individuals accused of PFAs including Allegheny, Butler, Armstrong, and Washington Counties and any of the surrounding counties in WesternPennsylvania. Call Protection From Abuse Attorney Bernard Tully now at 412-281-8700 for your PFA hearing.