Theft & Fraud Crimes


Each day in Allegheny County, Pittsburgh, New Kensington, Butler, Washington County, and surrounding areas people are charged with theft and fraud offenses. Theft and fraud charges are very serious and can unfortunately lead to incarceration in certain circumstances. Pittsburgh Criminal Defense Attorney Bernard Tully has represented individuals charged with theft and fraud for over 25 years.
Theft is basically taking another person’s property, money or other items without their permission. Fraud involves doing an illegal activity for financial gain that is against the law.
If you are convicted of either a theft or fraud offense, there are collateral ramifications to such a conviction. These other issues include:
1. Licensing issues if you are in the professional field, whether it’s the medical field, nursing field, legal or any other type of specialty.
2. Difficulty with getting a job in the future. Quite honestly who is going to want to hire somebody with a fraud or theft conviction on their record? Even though you might be told that someone else got the job because they were better qualified, it’s possible that your theft or fraud conviction was the real reason why you didn’t get the job.
3. Maintaining your current employment. Once it comes out that you got arrested for a theft or fraud crime, it is almost certain that you are going to lose your current job. For whatever reason, people that are even arrested for those types of offenses invariably are let go by their employer. No one wants to have someone in their employ that is charged with stealing or other dishonesty.
4. If you are not a U.S. citizen and you have immigration or naturalization proceedings pending, a theft or fraud conviction is going to have a huge impact on your ability to lawfully come into the United States or to stay here. The authorities could bring proceedings to have you thrown out of the country based on the theft or fraud conviction alone.
5. Theft and Fraud Crimes Defense Attorney Bernard Tully understands there is a severe stigma to having a fraud or theft conviction. Quite honestly no matter where you go or what you do, you are going to be considered untrustworthy and someone who will steal money at the earliest opportunity. This might not be correct, and in fact there are circumstances that may explain why you got charged with this offense. Theft and Fraud Crimes Defense Attorney Bernard Tully recognizes the severe ramifications for just being arrested for the charges.
Once retained, Theft and Fraud Crimes Defense Attorney Bernard Tully will immediately get involved in trying to help you in your situation. Sometimes it is just a matter of a phone call to the police to try to clarify what the basis is for your charges. Other times it is a sit-down or other meeting with the prosecutor concerning how to best resolve the pending charges. Sometimes, but not always, the victims in the case primarily want to get their money back for what was taken. It can be very helpful if Theft and Fraud Crimes Defense Attorney Bernard Tully is involved immediately in your case.