Nursing Home Injury

October 2015

Recently nursing home injury attorney Bernard Tully spoke to the Allegheny County Bar Association sole practitioners membership about recent cases involving nursing home injury law. For a FREE copy of the cases nursing home attorney Bernard Tully used in his address call us at 412 281 8700.

Nursing home residents can be victimized by neglect and abuse just as easily as children can. It can be difficult to recognize if a loved one in a nursing home has been victimized because he or she may not speak up about it. Elderly and vulnerable adults may be confused and intimidated by harmful actions of nursing home staff or other residents.

We often work with family members and/or friends of nursing home residents who have suffered injuries caused by the negligence, carelessness, recklessness or wrongful acts of other people. It may be up to you to notice the first signs of abuse and neglect in the nursing home, so it is important to consult with an experienced lawyer about your unique situation.

Pittsburgh nursing home injury and abuse attorney Bernie Tully has more than 30 years of legal experience, and he is a former assistant district attorney. Having handled more than 5,000 cases in western Pennsylvania, he can efficiently evaluate the situation your loved one is facing. We can assure you that your concerns will be investigated and that your loved one will receive appropriate and attentive care. If injuries have occurred, we will vigorously pursue maximum compensation to provide for the fullest possible recovery.

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Pittsburgh Nursing Home Negligence Attorney

Nursing homes can be chronically understaffed, leading to patient neglect and poor supervision. These symptoms of understaffing can then lead to resident malnutrition, dehydration, lack of or poor hygienic care, bedsores, medication errors and other serious injuries or wrongful death. Nursing home abuse or neglect is a form of elder abuse.

Sometimes our clients do not learn anything from the nursing home or assisted living facility besides that their loved one has been hurt, sick or placed in hospital care. They may not be given any reason as to why, so a big part of our job is to investigate such occurrences. Injured victims are often confused and have trouble recalling events, and this is where our value is realized. We can work to get to the bottom of why and how injury or sickness occurred, and we can even find evidence of emotional and mental abuse.

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