In this Issue — August 2010

  • The 4th of July, David Archuletta And the American Spirit:

Jessica, my 18 year old daughter, and her friend Kahli are somewhat obsessed with American Idol singer David Archuletta, a Mormon. Have you ever heard of him? I hadn’t either until Jessie & Kahli started going to his concerts. Anyway, my wife Michelle, Jessica, Kahli, our other daughter Katie and I drove to Washington, D.C. for the 4th of July Capital Celebration on the Capital lawn. David was performing there. He really is a great singer. Our family was actually on TV for a few seconds (mainly because the girls waited in line for 7 hours to get a seat as close to the stage as possible). It was a good time and very hot. Here’s where the plot thickens.

Jessica & Kahli were determined to personally meet David Archuletta. So, they went on the Internet and honed in on any Mormon churches in the D.C. area. They narrowed it down to one possible place. Jess & Kahli then went to the Mormon service that Sunday morning. Guess who was there right next to them at one point? You guessed it – David Archuletta himself!! They said the Mormon church really treated them well and made them feel comfortable, so that worked out great. Jessie & Kahli displayed the true never-say-die American spirit that made our nation great!! Where there’s a will there is a way, even if it’s a religious way. I will say this about the experience – it is the only time in 18 years that I did not have to ask Jessie to go to church!! Hmmm. Do you think David could fly into Pittsburgh every Sunday morning?

  • Propeller Injury: A Jury Awards Injured Man $3.8 Million:

A federal jury has ordered boat manufacturer Brunswick Corp. to pay $3.8 million to a man who lost part of his leg after it was caught in a propeller on Lake Austin in Texas. Jacob Brochtrup was 18 when he was injured while wakeboarding with friends celebrating July 4th in 2007. This is another example of a defective product liability case. Yes, of course, we handle defective product cases.

  • Even Attorneys Have Feelings!!

I want to publicly thank Mary Jo N. for the heartfelt letter she sent me after we successfully settled her case and her daughter’s case. You would might think attorneys could care less about receiving such a letter – after all aren’t attorneys just out to make a buck? However, I must tell you it brought tears to my eyes to know my clients really care about me and they take the time to let me know we are appreciated. Thanks, Mary Jo – you are the greatest!!

  • Jury Awards $10 Million In Ambulance Birth:

A jury has awarded $10 million to a Florida woman who sued an ambulance transport service over injuries her son received during his premature birth in 2003. The jury determined that EVAC Ambulance was negligent for transporting Margarita Chess, who gave birth to her son while en route to the hospital. Her son was left with cerebral palsy after suffering a lack of oxygen to the brain. The ambulance basically took her to the wrong hospital when time was of the essence.