In this Issue — November 2011

  • Free November Turkey Giveaway

It’s That Time Of Year Again!! November is the biggest month for readers calling in with an answer to our monthly Newsletter question. Why? Because you have a chance to win a free $50.00 Giant Eagle gift card to buy a turkey bird with all the stuffings!

O.K., here is the question for your chance to win our drawing: What day of the week is Thanksgiving celebrated on? How easy is that? Please call Mary at 412-281-8700 with your answer.

Important: If any reader really cannot afford to buy a turkey this year, please call me privately. We will work something out for you!!

  • Workers Compensation Shocker

A Pennsylvania Court recently found that a robbery may be a normal anticipated part of working as an employee of a state store! Even if you are a victim of a crime while working for the state liquor store, you can still be denied workers comp benefits for trauma-related injuries. In the case, an employee of a Pennsylvania State Store was robbed at gunpoint. Doctors later determined that he had post-traumatic stress disorder. He made a workers compensation claim for psychic injuries.

The Court ruled that robberies of state liquor stores are a normal condition of working in a state store in our society. Since robberies are foreseeable and the employees received training for these events, no workers compensation benefits could be given. What do you think about this decision?

  • Workers Compensation & Fatal Heart Attacks

You Be The Judge: If a former employee has a fatal heart attack two days after he was terminated from his job, can his wife collect “Fatal Claim” workers comp benefits?

Answer: No. Surprised? The Court in Little vs. WCAB ruled that where the heart attack bears no relationship to the deceased’s former job, the wife cannot collect the fatal claim benefits. The Court found no causal connection between the husband’s job and the heart attack.

  • Alert! All Metal Hip Replacement Patients – Beware

According to an article in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, all orthopedic implants, regardless of their composition, shed debris as they wear. The particles released by all-metal hips may pose a special threat. In some patients, a chain reaction begins that can destroy tissue and bone. 500,000 Americans have received an all-metal hip over the past decade. Studies suggest that those numbers will grow and that tissue destruction is occurring silently in some patients who have no obvious symptoms such as pain. Call us if you have this situation. We can help!

  • Unborn Children – Preconception Duty of Doctors

In June, 2011, in a landmark decision, the Pennsylvania Superior Court decided that a doctor owes a third party duty of care to the parents’ future unborn children. What this means is that you now have a right to pursue a case against a doctor for a “preconception tort.” You can now file a claim against a doctor for his failure to protect the future unborn children of the Mom and Dad.

  • Seat Belts

You are in an auto accident. You injure your back and neck and later need knee surgery for your injuries. Can the other side ask you at trial “Were you wearing your seat belt when the collision occurred?” Answer: No. Evidence of seat belt use is prohibited by statute 75PaC.S.A§4581(e). This statute prohibits any evidence of seat belt use in almost all civil trials including product liability cases!

Just knowing that seat belt usage is inadmissible at trial probably puts you ahead of about 98% of the general public concerning knowledge of the law! So please keep reading these Newsletters! Maybe we will make a lawyer out of some of you yet!

  • Congratulations

Congratulations to my son, Kevin, for recently passing the Pennsylvania Bar Exam! Way to go, Kevin!!

  • Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day is all about giving thanks for all we have been given. My thanks this year goes to you, our readers! On behalf of our entire staff, thank you for your kind referrals throughout the year! You are what keeps us going and growing!

Special thanks to Carolyn G., Arla P., Eve T. and LaShawn P. for your kind referrals!

Last month’s Newsletter winner was Matt R. Matt won a $50.00 gift card!!


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  • Go Steelers and Pens!