MARCH 2012

I Am Not Making This Up:

The following is taken from an actual lawsuit filed in West Virginia.
A college fraternity at Marshall University was having a beerdrinking party. After the college frat students got loaded with alcohol, they decided to go out on the fraternity deck. One of the kids thought it would be cool to fire bottle rockets out of his buttwhile on the deck. The ignited rocket, of course, misfired which startled another student on the deck and he fell backwards off the deck. Can you guess what happened next? Yes, the injured student filed a lawsuit against the fraternity and the college, alleging the deck was defectively designed and that he is entitled to money forhis injuries!!!
How would you like to be a young idealistic lawyer, fresh out of lawschool, with visions of changing the world in your head. The Senior Partner of the firm calls you into his office. His first words to you are, “Here kid, this case is all yours. Go make our firm a lot of money on it!!”

Dave and Busters Settlement:

Dave and Busters, a national restaurant chain, has agreed to settle a Dram Shop action filed against it for $1.5 million. A young 20 year old was killed while riding his bicycle home one night, by a drunk driver who was over-served alcohol at Dave and Busters in Stamford, Conn. The guy got behind the wheel and struck the victim’s bicycle on the roadway.
The key to these types of cases (which are called “Dram Shop” acts)is getting evidence from witnesses who were at the bar. They can testify about the person’s intoxication. If the bar continued to serve him in this condition, the bar is responsible for any injuries he causes. Call me if you have any questions on Dram Shop, bar or tavern liability cases.

Lawsuits In Decline/Mediation On The Rise:

The next time you hear politicians talk about tort reform and the need to limit the number of lawsuits filed, consider this: According to a recent article in the Pittsburgh Tribune, the number of civil jury trials in Allegheny County in the past decade has dropped 66%. Why? Mostly it is the cost of litigation, according to many experts. One doctor recently charged our office $3,000.00 for one hour of his time, giving his deposition for our client. Let’s see, that means this surgeon makes roughly $6 million per year just giving depositions of his patients!!
So what’s the alternative? More and more it appears to be Mediation.This is a form of settlement procedure where a professional tries to get both sides to settle their case outside of Court, thereby saving the injured most of the expenses involved in a jury trial! You can feel free to call me at any time to talk about whether your case is appropriate for Mediation!!

Litigation Develops Over Weight Loss Surgery:

For overweight consumers looking to lose weight fast, the use of lap-band surgery as a quick and easy way to a new life can be tempting. But in some cases, it’s deadly. Preying on the desire to lose weight, entities across the country are engaging in misleading advertising to pull in potential patients and then performing surgeries without meeting adequate standards of care. Please be careful before agreeing to this surgical procedure.

Jury Awards $124.5 Million In Passenger Van Crash:

A Texas jury found a bus company and its driver liable for $124.5 million, all in actual damages, to seven passengers injured or killed while riding in a van in a state where the company was not even licensed to operate.

Jury Delivers $82.5 Million Verdict In Gas Plant Blast Case:

A Texas jury awarded more than $82 million against two natural gas plant companies, after a worker in a rebuilt and refurbished plant was killed in an explosion.

Question Of The Month
Congrats to Juliette B. who won last month’s drawing & gas card.
Price of gas going up? Well here’s a chance to win a $50 gas card.Question Of The Month: For our Irish friends, what special day is celebrated in the U.S. by laughter, gaiety, and beer every March 17th? Hint, where is your green?


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