APRIL 2012


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OK, we all know that in Pennsylvania it’s now illegal to text while driving. Cases like this one explain why that’s so!

Greyhound Driver On Cell Phone Results In $17 Million Verdict:

Ajury gave $17 million to two women severely injured when the Greyhound bus they were riding in flipped over while the driver was making calls on his cell phone. The victims filed suit against Greyhound and the driver after they were both seriously injured inthe 2007 accident.
Greyhound argued the accident was unavoidable due to icy roads and poor weather conditions. Wrong! The victims presented evidence that the driver shouldn’t have been hired in the first place given his poor driving record. Also, the driver made 17 calls on his personal cell phone on the night in question. Wow!

Landscaper Awarded $11.2 Million In Civil Suit:

A landscaper who lost his legs on the job has been awarded $11.2 million. A jury found the landscaping company 60 percent liable for the victim’s injuries. The victim worked for Sleepy Hollow Landscaping. He was unloading his truck on October 24, 2008 when he was struck by a car driven by a distracted driver.
The driver said she was blinded by sun glare. She hit a safety cone and a “men working” sign before striking the landscaper. These human tragedies unfortunately highlight a scary reality. Any one of us canbe the victim of an auto/truck collision.

Pennsylvania Court Reinstates $28M Punitive Award in HRT Case:

A $28 million award was upheld in Pennsylvania based upon a product liability case. The case was brought by a woman who contracted breast cancer after taking hormone replacement therapy drugs. The victim was diagnosed with breast cancer and forced to undergo a double mastectomy after taking Wyeth’s drugs Prempro and Premarin, and the HRT drug Provera, manufactured by Upjohn. She sued the drug makers for negligent failure to warn. A jury awarded the Plaintiff a total of $34.3 million, including $28 million in punitiv edamages.

Police Settle Beating Lawsuit for $292,500:

A Nevada man and his wife are collecting $292,500 from the police and the state of Nevada to settle a federal lawsuit stemming from a kicking and punching attack on the man during an October, 2010 traffic stop.
The driver was treated for broken ribs, cuts and bruises after Nevada police and Nevada Highway Patrol troopers realized that his erratic driving was because he was suffering from diabetic shock, not because he was drunk. OK, I know I am going to hear from my police readers on this one! Let’s get their take on it!

Free Legal Advice Section – College Grads Ask The Attorney Section:

Job Application Worries:

A reader writes: “I just graduated from college.” In a recent job application, I was asked whether I have ever been convicted of a crime. I remember years ago that I had criminal charges filed against me but I think that the charges were dismissed at the Magistrate’s office. Do I have to answer yes to the question about whether I have ever been convicted because I was arrested? I really want this job!
Answer: If the question asks “have you ever been arrested before,” you are required to answer the question honestly, and the answer would be yes. However, if the application asks whether you have been convicted of a crime, you can answer that question no. Again, this highlights the difference between an arrest and a conviction. You can contact me to discuss any potential issues regarding job applications. Good luck on the job search Grads!!

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