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Most of you are big Steeler fans. As a token of my sincere appreciation to you for reading our monthly Newsletter, I have enclosed a free Pittsburgh Steeler, Penn State University, University of Pittsburgh, and Monday night football schedule magnet. You might consider sticking the magnet on your refrigerator for easy reference. I hope you enjoy it! Go Steelers!!

Now That’s An Expensive Date – Matchmaking Service Sued Over DUIDate

A woman has filed suit against a dating service, claiming she was sent on a date with a man who had three prior drunken driving convictions and a criminal warrant for his arrest. The 65-year-old woman alleged she was assured that a criminal background check would be performed on all new members. On top of all that, the victim claimed the company charged her $7,000 for their service!!

FYI – For All You Criminal Law Buffs

I publish a Q & A articleevery Sunday in the Pittsburgh Tribune Review newspaper. I alsopublish a Q & A for Personal Injury medical malpractice or wrongfuldeath cases every Monday in the Local news section of thePittsburgh Tribune Review. Check them out and stay up on the law!!

You Be The Judge – Criminal Law

Lie detector tests and Miranda Rights – If a Defendant agrees to take a lie detector test andwaives his Miranda rights for the test, are the police then allowed to interview him after the test about the test results? The answeris NO. A recent Pennsylvania Court decision ruled that the Defendant did not waive his right to counsel for a post lie detector interrogation.

You Be The Judge – Criminal Law

If a Defendant is let out of jail due to a clerical error at the jail, does he get credit for the time he was out of jail before the error was discovered? Keep in mind the law is that a prisoner has the right to have his sentence served continuously rather than in installments as in this situation. Well, the Court decided the Defendant was not entitled to the credit for the time he was out, even though it was the jail’s fault. The Court ruled that society has an interest in knowing that its criminals are serving the punishment they were sentenced to.

Anatomy 101 – What Is A Bone Scan?

Sometimes there is a reference in some of your hospital records to a bone scan. Well what is it? It is a procedure ordered by your doctor to identify any changes in how a bone is growing or healing. A radiologist performs this procedure for you. A bone scan involves injecting you with a radioactive dye. A gamma camera is then used to scan the body part to determine the distribution of the dye in the area in question. The bone scan is considered abnormal if there is either an increase or a decrease to the radioactive tracer from the dye. Phew! I don’t know what all that means in English, but I do know any time your body is invaded because of someone else’s fault you should get money for it!

Pedestrian Rights And Tort Options

Here’s a question. In an auto accident, if you selected the Limited Tort option (and paid a lower premium), you are generally precluded from receiving money for your pain and suffering. There are some exceptions like if the wrongdoer is DUI or has an out of state license plate. But what if you are a pedestrian, have Limited Tort on your auto policy and are hit by a car? Are you considered Limited Tort, thus severely hampering your right to recover for pain and suffering? The answer is no. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court in the Eshbach case ruled that any pedestrian who is hit by an automobile is entitled to make a claim for pain and suffering. Just remember it this way: pedestrian =Full Tort!!

Dentists Must Have Malpractice Insurance

Recently, Pennsylvania became the 10th state to require all licensed dentists to carry dental malpractice insurance. According to the Pennsylvania Tribune Review, all Pennsylvania dentists are now required to have at least $1 million of malpractice insurance per claim. Most dentists are good ethical people trying to help their patients. I particularly like my dentist and I bet most readers feel the same about their dentist. Call me if you have any questions about the new law.

Readers With College Children – Free Legal Advice

If you can afford it (it’s really not that expensive), let your child do a summer semester in a foreign country. Michael, my son, is a junior in college and he just got back from a summer in Italy. He was on cloud 9 the whole time he was there. Best of all, you actually take classes and get credits toward your college degree while studying abroad. Think about it.

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With gas prices still high, readers are showing a lot of interest in answering the monthly question for a chance to win a Free $50 gas card in our drawing! Congrats to Michael R. for answering last month’s question correctly!
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