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Wrongful Death Cases

When a person dies what can the person’s estate recover money damages for? If the decedent’s death is caused by carelessness, negligence or misconduct of another person or corporation, the victim’s family has the right to recover money damages. Under the Pennsylvania Survival Act, the deceased person’s estate can recover money that the decedent would have received had they survived the incident. Some of the items include:

  1. lost income
  2. pain and suffering
  3. medical expenses
  4. property damages
  5. funeral expenses
  6. loss of parental services and companionship

The Wrongful Death Act also allows money damages to the spouse and minor children of the decedent.
Do You Read The Pittsburgh Tribune Review?

Every Monday In TheCity/Region Section Of The Pittsburgh Tribune Review we write a Q & A article about Wrongful Death cases, whether it is the result of medical malpractice, nursing home neglect, an auto fatality or anything else. Please check us out and see what you think!
We also write a Question & Answer every Sunday in the Pittsburgh Tribune Review called “Ask The Expert” dealing with criminal law inquiries. Please tell us what you think about the articles. You can even go to our website to get all the Questions & Answers printed in the Tribune Review over the last 1-1/2 years concerning Wrongful Death and Criminal Law cases.
In Summary, Personal Injury, Wrongful Death, Medical Malpractice,Workers Compensation and Criminal Law are the areas of law we canhelp you with.
Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa

Kevin, a high school classmate of mine from Canevin Catholic recently died. Kevin had a stroke and walked with a cane for several years. I started thinking about how quickly life passes by and things I should be sorry for or apologize to others about. I am sure over the last 30 years I have been rude or insensitive to some of you 5,000+ readers. Please accept my sincere apology for anything I said or did to offend you. Thank you.
One For The Good Guys

You Be The Judge: O.K. You Skiing Buffs, can a ski company avoid legal responsibility for its reckless conduct by having you sign a release before skiing? The answer is NO. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court recently decided that a company’s reckless conduct cannot be signed away by having the skier or snow tuber sign those preprinted forms ski resorts have you sign before skiing.
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Even if you only pick up one legal idea from reading this Newsletter every month, you will have more knowledge of the law than 95% of the general population. Want an example? Suppose a friend or relative of yours breaks his leg while skiing and needs surgery due to the reckless operation of the ski resort. He tells you he has $75,000 in medical bills from the surgery, but he can’t sue the resort because he signed a release. Bingo. You recall the Newsletter article and say wait maybe you can pursue a claim. That really is how it works.
You Be The Judge: Embryos From A Divorce

Suppose a couple istrying to have children. They go thru in vitro fertilization and embryos are produced. The couple then divorce. Who is legally entitled to the embryos – the husband or the wife? Sorry guys, we take another one on the chin. The Pennsylvania Superior Court recently ruled the frozen embryos go to the wife since they may represent the only opportunity she has to have children. If you really want to go crazy, ask yourself if the wife had children from the frozen embryos, would the husband have to pay child support?


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