Lobster Tails, Lobster Tails! Geez Louise! We had a huge number of calls for our Thanksgiving prize. Norma V. won the $50.00 gift card to purchase a full Thanksgiving dinner and more. Since this is the Christmas Newsletter, We Are Going To Go All Out. So for a chance to win Christmas lobster tails, here is the question: What color is Santa’s beard? Come on, it’s way too easy.

A Sincere Thank You

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to a lawyer. What is the gift? New cases and clients! Your kind, continuous & generous referrals of friends to us is overwhelming. Not all the referrals lead to cases we can accept, but it’s the consideration you give us that we are so grateful for. On behalf of Angela, Denise, Mary, Jennifer (our newest Paralegal) and myself, Thank You! Please keep up the generous and thoughtful referrals in 2013.

Probation & Criminal Cases

We mostly do criminal cases in Allegheny, Butler, Westmoreland, Washington, Cambria, Armstrong, and Indiana Counties. I am often amazed at how the different counties deal with clients on probation. Butler County, for example, in my opinion, is much more hands on with their probation rules than say, Allegheny County. This is probably because of the huge volume of people on probation in Allegheny County. Even if you do not use our services (you creeps Ha, Ha), you can still call me about your criminal case. Yes, of course, the call is free. The same thing applies if you have an injury case in any of those Counties too!

Bingo Mania

As you may remember, Michelle and I are officially empty nesters. Sigh! All our kids are away at college. So what do we do on a big Saturday night? You guessed it. Recently we went to a Church Bingo. I must say it was kind of fun. I learned that regular bingo players are very serious about the game. They even come with magic markers – no more hand cards with round chips! I almost had a bingo, but that darn B6 wasn’t called!!

Jury Awards $1.75 Million Against Club In Drunk Driving Case

A jury has awarded $1.75 million to the Estate of a woman who was killed in an auto collision caused by an over-served drunk at a strip club. The victim was just 22 years old when she was killed, leaving behind two small children. The intoxicated driver’s blood alcohol was 3 times the legal limit. Please, please do not drink and drive especially during Christmas!

Court Upholds $25 Million Verdict In Accutane Case

Some of you may have used Accutane to deal with acne issues. The bad side effect of Accutane is that it can cause an inflamed bowel to the patient. A jury awarded $25.16 million award to an Alabama man who suffered from inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) as a result of taking the acne medication Accutane.
The jury reached the verdict after a five-week trial, finding that Accutane maker Roche Laboratories failed to warn the victim’s doctor about the risk of IBD from taking the drug.


Taxpayers may be eligible for relief if they made an error in reliance upon a tax professional, according to a recent private letter ruling from the Internal Revenue Service. That’s a pretty good reason to use a tax accountant to prepare your tax return.

You Be The Judge

This should be an easy one: If a patient visits their doctor for a liver and kidney problem and then blacks out behind the wheel while driving home from his appointment, is the doctor liable to the injured victim?

No. A Court ruled a doctor has no liability for injuries suffered by a third party in an automobile accident that occurred when his patient blacked out behind the wheel.

Roofer Wins $7 Million For Highway Collision

A jury has awarded more than $7 million to a learning-disabled roofer who suffered debilitating back pain after an automobile collision in December,2005.


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If anyone really needs help getting a Christmas ham or Christmas gifts, call us. We will work something out.


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