MARCH 2013

Free Pirate Baseball Schedule Magnets

Readers: Coming FREE in the mail to you in the April Newsletter! I predict this year the Pirates are going to have a winning season and make the playoffs. Ah Springtime! Hope springs eternal!
You awesome readers are truly amazing! You kindly refer us friends, neighbors, and relatives who were injured in accident cases. Thanks so much! Everyone knows we cannot accept every case, but it is immensely gratifying to Angela, Denise, Jennifer, Mary, and me that you think of us first when someone asks for the name of an attorney. Thank you very much! It sure means a lot to us!

How Are We Doing Serving You And What Could We Be Doing Better?

These Are The Golden Questions Of Any Business: This month I am going to give a $50.00 gas card to the reader who best answers those two questions. We are not looking for praise or recognition.(Hey I have kids so I am use to getting criticism) What we are looking for are honest straightforward opinions of how we are doing representing you, and how we can do better. You may say we do not call you enough to let you know what’s going on with your case, or we don’t do something else quite right to satisfy you. It doesn’t matter what because the only way we can improve our representation of you is to know what you are thinking about us!
We believe just about every client is reasonable and doesn’t expect an attorney to do the impossible. What clients do want is to be treated with respect and we try to do that, so please call us withyour suggestions – Mary is waiting.

Husbands And Non-iPhone Users Have I Got A Story For You

My wife Michelle has a new iPhone and loves it. I still have the $10.00 flip phone because I do not want to be connected to the Internet 24-7. We just went on a cruise to Cozumel for a week. Well while we were at sea, Michelle tried to use her fancy iPhone for texts and calls and guess what? No Reception! And what about my $10.00 flipphone? You guessed it. Perfect reception calling the office and immediate texts sent! Go figure!

Jury Trials and Settlements

Most people do not want to go to trial. Quite understandably, most folks want to settle their injury claims. In fact, in over 25 years of civil trial practice, I can only think of two clients who absolutely wanted to go all the way thru the jury trial process. Juries are stressful for clients and if the insurance companies make a reasonable offer, most clients are fine with that. However, the insurance company does not always make a reasonable offer and that’s when it gets dicey. But please hang in there. I really am trying my very best to get you the best results possible for what you are going thru!

Criminal Law

Every Sunday in the Local/Region Section of the Pittsburgh Tribune Review we write a Q & A article on some aspect of Criminal Law. We also write a similar Q & A on Accident Cases and Wrongful Death cases every Monday in the Local/Region Section of the Tribune Review. Because it affects so many criminal cases, I am reprinting the Q & A article from February 3, 2013. Thanks!

What’s New In Criminal Law: Breathalyzer Results In Question

Q: I got arrested for drunk driving. The cop had me blow into a breathalyzer and I blew .16. How do I challenge the reading?

A: You raise a very timely issue. Recently a Dauphin County, Pennsylvania judge ruled some Breathalyzer Intoxilyzer 5000 devices do not provide a legally acceptable blood alcohol content reading at certain levels. Therefore, their results are not admissible at trial. This is a potentially landmark ruling in DUI law. Until the issue is ultimately decided, the Pennsylvania State Police are going to stop using breathalyzers and will instead have your blood drawn at a local hospital.

$3 Million Settlement In Frat Party Death Suit

The parents of a college student will receive $3 million in a case involving their son’s death at a frat party. Their son, a 20-year-old junior at John Carroll University, fell to his death at a New Year’s Eve party at the Phi Kappa Sigma house on the University of Pennsylvania campus in 2010. He was intoxicated at the time of the fall, which occurred while he was climbing a flight of stairs at the frat house. He tumbled over a faulty railing, landed on his head, and died several days later.
The university had issued several citations to the fraternity for the broken railing and had repeatedly ordered that it be fixed. The fraternity never did so. The fraternity agreed to pay $3 million in damages to the student’s family. The family will also receive $375,000 from the beer distributor that allowed their son to purchase alcohol underage.

Question of the Month

And the reader who won last month’s $50 Macy’s card is Erin T.
Now for a chance to win a $50 Macy’s card:

What month is St.Patrick’s Day celebrated in?

Think Spring!

Your attorney, Bernie