MAY 2013

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First Of Its Kind – Family Sues To Force Child Molester Neighbor To Buy Their Home

The parents of a girl who was molested by a neighbor when she was seven years old have filed a lawsuit to force the neighbor to buy their Pennsylvania home so they can move away from the area.
The family filed the lawsuit asking a Judge to order their neighbor, a convicted sex offender, to purchase their home, which has been valued at $235,000. Legally this is probably a longshot, but who knows?
Want To Know The Best Way To See How Lucky We Are In America? Travel Abroad.

My daughter Jessica just had the opportunity to travel to China during spring break at college. Like all of us, she knows objectively all the wonderful freedoms we often take for granted. But to actually see and experience the differences between America and other countries is incredible. I urge any of our young readers to travel anywhere abroad to truly appreciate what we (myself included) often take for granted: our freedoms.
In This Day And Age Racism Still Rears Its Ugly Head

You won’t believe this: A hospital has reached a settlement with a nurse in a racial discrimination lawsuit. The lawsuit was filed by an African-American nurse, who claims that officials at the Medical Center, where she worked, complied with a new father’s demand that only white nurses be allowed to care for his newborn.
The nurse was tending to the newborn when the father made the request, which the nurse manager immediately complied with. It was alleged that the man showed off a swastika tattoo after making the request. What a surprise!
It’s The Principle Of The Thing Dept

Three men have filed a class action lawsuit against the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, claiming that posted admissions signs are misleading. The suit alleges they were conned by signage at the Museum into paying admission, when entry is actually free to the public.
There was an “Admissions” sign posted outside the museum that lists the following prices: $25 for adults, $17 for seniors, and $12 forstudents. It is only in fine print at the bottom of the sign that it is revealed that these are only recommended donations, not actual prices for admission!
FAMU Offers Settlement In Hazing Suit

Florida A&M University has offered a $300,000 settlement to the parents of a former marching band member who died in a November, 2011 hazing incident.
The lawsuit was filed over the death of a 25-year-old who died after being subjected to a hazing ritual by other band members on a University bus. The amount offered represents the maximum the University is able to offer without action by the Florida legislature. The offer was rejected by the family.

$4.2 Million Awarded In Nissan Roof-Strength Lawsuit

A jury awarded $4.2 million to a Nissan Altima owner who suffered traumatic injuries when a tire fell from a pickup truck and crushed the roof of his vehicle. The victim was driving his Nissan Altima in July of 2006 when a 73-pound tire struck the roof of his car, causing severe injuries. The roof collapsed on impact. The victim had to relearn how to walk after the accident and must undergo daily physical therapy.
Body In Hotel Water Tank Prompts Lawsuit

A couple has filed a class action lawsuit against Los Angeles’ Cecil Hotel after the body of a woman was found floating in a rooftop water tank. The suit is seeking a refund of the cost of the couple’s room for two nights, as well as $100 or more in medical costs.
The decomposing body of a 21-year-old from Vancouver, Canada was discovered by police in one of the rooftop water tanks at the hotel.

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