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Have You Suffered A Workers Compensation Injury?

Many readers have asked me what the difference is between a workers compensation injury and a personal injury or tort case. In a workers compensation claim you do not have to prove somebody else was at fault or caused the accident. Under the Workers Compensation Act a person seeking money must only prove they suffered an injury and that the injury happened while working.
In some situations you may be entitled to what is called a lump sum settlement of your workers compensation claim. In a lump sum settlement you receive all of your money for your work-related injury in a single payment. We handle workers compensation and Social Security disability claims. Please feel free to call our office for legal representation.
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Pennsylvania Supreme Court Awards State Trooper Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Disability Pay

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has ruled in favor of a State Trooper who suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of hitting and killing a woman with his police car. He filed for workers compensation disability benefits. What is a bit different in this situation is the trooper was not physically injured while working. Instead he suffered mental and psychic injuries. The trooper was in his patrol car when a deranged woman ran in front of his vehicle. The trooper’s car struck the woman. The trauma of this event was enough for the Supreme Court to decide that this was a compensable mental, psychic workers compensation injury.
Johnson and Johnson Settles Suit Over Faulty Marketing Of An Anti-Psychotic Drug

This is a huge one! Johnson and Johnson paid $2.2 billion to settle a suit involving the negligent marketing of the off-label anti-psychotic drug Risperdal.
Estate Settles Against A Bar And Driver In Dram Shop Case

A Dram Shop Act is a lawsuit against a bar for serving a visibly intoxicated person who then goes out and harms another. Here is an example of a Dram Shop case: A drunk driver kills three people when his truck collides with their car after he runs a red light outside of Philadelphia.
In this case, the driver had consumed more than 30 alcoholic beverages at a sports arena and then visited three bars during an extended period of time. The driver attended a hockey game in a luxury box at the Soverign Center Arena in Reading, PA. This was part of a promotion by All Star Distributing which was held for bars that purchase alcohol from the company. The case settled for an undisclosed (huge) amount.
You may have also heard last month that an Allegheny County jury hit the bar with a $28 million Dram Shop award! We handle cases where a person is served alcohol by a bar after he is visibly intoxicated and then goes out and hurts someone.

Criminal Law – You Be The Judge

Can a person who threatens police in a YouTube video be convicted of witness intimidation and conspiracy? Answer – yes. An Allegheny County Judge found two individuals guilty of those charges as a result of posting a rap on YouTube with lyrics such as, “Let’s kill these cops cause they ain’t doing us no good”. The lesson of this is that what you say and do on YouTube can, and often is, used against you.

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