Washington Pays Family $10 Million For Auto Related Fatalities

Washington State will pay $10 million to settle the claims involving two people who were killed and three people who were severely injured after a tree fell on their vehicle on a state highway. The families alleged the road where the tree came down and caused the tragedy should have been closed long before the accident occurred. The state’s failure to close the road caused this tragedy. Yes, we handle cases against the State, City and PA DOT.
Man Sues Colorado Jail After Having Toes and Foot Amputated

A man is suing a Colorado jail after his toes and most of his right foot were amputated. The 47 year old man was in jail after being convicted of drunk driving. He claims that despite having swollen feet and orders from a nurse to not stand on them for more than two hours, he was required to haul heavy duty kitchen equipment supplies as part of a work release program.

Football Fans:

Football Star Darren Sharper Sues New Orleans Saints For $95,000 For Knee Injury

Former football star Darren Sharper is suing the New Orleans Saints for $95,000 following a knee injury in 2009 that damaged his career. Sharper claimed that he injured his knee in the Saints 2011 playoff game against Seattle. Sharper claims the team forced him to play hurt and this caused his knee injury.
You Have Heard About This Story:

Football Star Adrian Peterson Indicted For Child Injury

NFL star Adrian Peterson has been charged with reckless or negligent injuries to a child in Texas.The victim, an eleven-year-old boy from Minnesota, visited Peterson’s home in May. When the child returned home, his mother took him to the hospital after noticing his severe injuries. The football star justified his actions by saying that was the way he was disciplined when he was growing up. Geez!
Ex-NFL Players Lose Concussion Settlement Appeal

A U.S. Court has rejected an appeal by seven former NFL players who argued that the settlement of a concussion-based lawsuit between the league and thousands of its players was not adequate compensation. Some people argue that the players knew what they were getting into by playing in the NFL. What do you think?
Civil Cases:

Judge Permits Lawsuits Against Cinema Owner Involved in Colorado Massacre

A Judge has refused to dismiss a wrongful death lawsuit filed by victims of the 2012 mass shooting at a Colorado theater. The lawsuit claimed that Cinemark’s security was deficient when a man opened fire in the theater. Cinemark argued it had no duty to foresee the action of a mad man. This goes to the issue we often talk about in these Newsletters, namely notice. Could it have been reasonably foreseen by Cinemark that a person would come in and open fire in a movie theater? Call us regarding any personal injury case you have and we will discuss it with you for FREE.
$40 Million Lawsuit:

Ferguson Police Face Lawsuit Over Treatment Of Arrested Protesters

A lawsuit seeking $40 million in damages over the police department’s treatment of protesters in Ferguson, Missouri has been filed. The lawsuit claims that the police were out of control in the way they handled people legitimately protesting. One victim claimed that she was arrested at a McDonald’s with her son by police with rifles and assault weapons for failure to disperse several hours earlier.
Sandusky Faces Lawsuit From Another Alleged Victim

Another lawsuit has been filed against former Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky and the Second Mile charity. The suit claims the victim was eight years old when he met Sandusky for the first time in 2004 and that Sandusky went to the victim’s hometown in Pennsylvania for the purpose of taking him on a shopping spree. The lawsuit claims that the sexual abuse occurred on that trip.
False Diagnosis Of Cancer:

Woman Sues Florida Hospital forUnnecessary Cancer Surgery

A woman filed a lawsuit against a Florida hospital forcing the release of documents that reveals a mixup in the lab which led to a false diagnosis of cancer in the woman’s body. The woman went into the hospital for a colonoscopy but someone mixed up her chart with a man’s chart that showed rectal cancer. The woman was traumatized for months thinking she was dying. She had to have part of her rectum removed. We handle hospital malpractice and medical malpractice cases. Call us for aFREE consult.
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