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Family Receives $2.2 Million For Wrongful Death Lawsuit

The family of a teenager who died while strapped to a restraint chair in Florida has settled their wrongful death lawsuit for $2.2 million.The victim had an outburst in his jail cell after being arrested.  The officers pepper sprayed him and placed him in a restraint chair. They then placed a spit mask over his head after he produced excessive saliva spray. The victim began calling for help, complaining he could not breath and was having chest pains. The jail did nothing at that point and the prisoner later died.
Auto Accident Fatality – Family Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Drug Rehab Center

A family is suing the employer of a drunk substance-abuse counselor who struck and killed a family member with her car in California. The counselor had drank three bottles of vodka and a can of beer before leaving her job at the treatment center and hit the victim with her vehicle. According to the lawsuit, the counselor drove two miles with the victim splayed out across her windshield before motorists swarmed her at a traffic light and forced her to stop.
Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed Against Agency For Disabled People

A wrongful death lawsuit was filed by a woman accusing a disability center for disabled people of causing her brother’s death. The woman filed the lawsuit against Renaissance Capital Management Group on behalf of her brother who died after being negligently transferred from the resource center.
Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed Against Washington University

The family of a boy who fell from a 23rd story balcony filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Washington University. The suit claimed their son fell from the apartment balcony because the school does not enforce laws against drug usage. The child was on LSD when he fell to his death. How far do you think universities should go to protect their students?
DuPont Faced With Wrongful Death Lawsuit

DuPont is being sued for the death of a woman caused by an accident at the company’s chemical plant in Texas. The victim’s daughter filed the lawsuit on behalf of her mother who died from a chemical leak at the plant. DuPont did not provide proper training for the medical personnel to deal with a disaster like a leak of chemicals at the facility.

Defective Airbags – Takata & Honda Sued For Airbag Related Death

An airbag that was linked to the death of a Florida woman has prompted a lawsuit against Takata Corporation and Honda Motor Company. The victim had stab-type wounds from airbag shrapnel that went off when she was involved in an accident. The lawsuit accuses Honda of not warning car owners of the dangers of its defective airbags.
Pennsylvania Supreme Court Says Mental Health Records Are Fair Game

If your personal injury case claims mental health injuries from an accident, you have probably waived your confidentiality protection under the MHPA (Mental Health Procedures Act). The Pennsylvania Supreme Court made the ruling on October 30, 2014. The ruling had to do with a claim of mental injuries from a lawsuit filed earlier.
Free Info – Top 5 Safety Tips For Winter Driving

1) If you hit a patch of ice do not touch the brakes, just drift thru it.

2)Don’t text.

3)Don’t tailgate.

4)Turn on your headlights. It is easier for others to see you.

5)Clean the snow off your car, including the headlights, hood and roof.

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