Hello Readers: Welcome back and Happy 2015. Hope you are off to a great start with your New Year’s Resolutions!
I am continuously amazed at the generosity of the readers of this Newsletter. Here is an example. Tim S. won our monthly Newsletter drawing for $50.00 last month. We called to let Tim know the good news. He told us he did not need the money but was donating the $50.00 to his local church. Not only that, but Tim matched the $50.00 that he won from our Newsletter with $50.00 of his own. What an amazing, generous person!
Funny DUI News Story

A Connecticut man is accused of snatching his DUI test results and attempting to eat them. When troopers printed out the results of the Defendant’s breathalyzer test showing his blood alcohol level higher than the legal limit, he grabbed the paper printout and attempted to eat it!

Work Place Death Benefits

An employer can be legally responsible for providing death benefit compensation to the family members of an employee who died in the workplace. Survivors of the deceased do not sue the employer directly but a death benefit claim may be available to you. Please call us for details about this.
Cruise Ship Fire

Recently an engine room fire aboard a luxury cruise ship operated out of Miami, called the Oceana Cruises, resulted in three deaths. The fire broke out aboard the 684 passenger Insignia cruise ship. Two contractors and a crew member died in the tragedy. Keep in mind that the statute of limitations is shortened for filing claims against cruise ship companies. You can call us any time for advice on the matter.
Car Accidents & Tragedies Can Occur Anywhere

An injured victim issuing a woman for injuring her by driving through a barn and then going back on the highway and finally hitting the victim’s car!
Jail Settles Wrongful Death Lawsuit for $325,000

A jail facility in New Jersey has settled a wrongful death lawsuit for $325,000 paid to the family of a man who died in custody in 2011 after being pepper sprayed in the face and ultimately leading to a heart attack and death of the victim.
Apology For Late Show Lawsuit

A former intern for David Letterman is now saying lawyers forced her into suing the Late Show over unpaid wages. The intern had filed suit claiming she was treated like an indentured servant by Letterman and the staff.  She now claims that unsavory lawyers coerced her into thinking she had a legitimate gripe against Letterman.
Five O’Clock World?

Remember the rock group The Turtles from Turtle Creek, PA? They recently sued Serius-XM Pandora Media seeking $100 million worth of damages for copyright infringement. The group claims that their popular songs like “Happy Together” were being played and used without their permission. A ruling in New York sided with the Turtles, confirming they have ownership over their music. Damages to follow.
Traffic Light Camera Leads To Suit

A recent class-action lawsuit was filed in Chicago contesting tickets given to motorists who had been caught running red lights by a camera. Many people feel that receiving fines in the mail from a machine is a little invasive. Your thoughts?
Wind Energy Companies Can Legally Kill Or Injure Eagles

A conservation group is suing the Obama administration. A federal rule is giving permission to the wind-energy companies to injure or kill eagles for the next 30 years. Are illegal eagle deaths rising?
Father Sues Track Team After Son Is Excluded

A father in New Jersey has sued his son’s school for kicking him off the track team. He had missed practices after being placed on the bench. His father is claiming his son was being ridiculed by his teammates for the benching. Incredibly, the father is seeking damages up to $40 million against the school.
Drunk Driving- Are We On The Way To A Lower BAC Limit?

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) may be asking states to lower the legal blood alcohol limit from the current .08% threshold to .05%. The NTSB says the goal is to lower the number of drunk driving deaths in the United States.
Congratulations to Dave S. on winning last month’s contest! A $50 WalMart gift card is on its way to Dave. Now for the January Newsletter question, and a chance to win a free $50.00 WalMart gift card. What is the college bowl game played in Pasadena, California called?

Bernard M. Tully, Esquire