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In what month are the most divorces filed? Answer at end of Newsletter.
Family Files $2 Million Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Police

A family is suing the Utah police for their son’s death last September. The police responded to a call about a youth with a sword. He was chased by two officers who shot him six times. The family alleges the youth never lunged at the officers.
United States Government Sued For Wrongful Death By Mother

A mother is suing the federal government for the death of her 20 year old son who was killed by federal rangers on a highway outside of Las Vegas. The rangers pepper sprayed and tasered the 20 year old before shooting him dead when he climbed into the patrol car.
Auto Collision – United States Government Settles Wrongful Death Lawsuit With Parents Of Struck Woman

The U.S. government has paid $2.5 million to settle a wrongful death suit by the parents of a woman fatally struck by a former congressional aide. The aide, while driving his vehicle drunk, struck the victim crossing the street in a crosswalk, and killed her.
Auto Accident Clients – 5 Questions To Help Us With Your Auto Accident Case

1. Why did you come to us as opposed to another attorney? Was it through a referral? Are you a prior client? Was it because we try to offer individualized attention? Was it because we attempt to get back to you quickly when you call? We do try to provide you individualized attention in your case.

2. What is your goal in your case? Is it to get the mostmoney ($) you can to settle your case? This is a legitimate goal. We just need to know. Or is it for the other side to acknowledge that they hurt you?

3. What worries you most about your claim? Are you worried you will go through all this and still lose or not get a recovery? Do you feel that you will look stupid or will be put on the spot even though you did not cause the accident?

4. Have you ever worked with a lawyer before? Some people who had prior counsel have strong feelings about representation and how they were previously taken for granted by their attorney.

5. How would you like us to communicate with you? Email, voice mail, text or mail? How often would you like us to contact you? Weekly, daily, monthly or as needed? Do you wish to be copied on all important communication that goes out regarding your case. Knowing those issues that are important to you will help us immensely.
Why We Ask These Questions

We try to step into your shoes and imagine how the process looks to you. Do you feel you are being treated fairly? You are the biggest part of the claim. Our goal really is for you to feel comfortable with us knowing we are watching out for you.Because we are.
Nursing Home Cases – Family Sues Nursing Home For Man Who Died By Setting Bed On Fire With Cigarette

A family is suing a nursing home in Louisiana because a patient died by setting a fire while smoking in bed at the nursing home. The victim died because of the nursing home’s lax policy for smoking in bed. The victim smoked without any supervision, despite being diagnosed with schizophrenia.
Dementia Woman Who Broke Hip Sues Hospital For Medical Malpractice

A woman is suing her hospital in Louisiana for breaking her hip while under the hospital’s care. The suit claims that the victim had dementia and the hospital failed to take measures to insure her safety. Due to the hospital’s negligence, the woman suffered severe hip injuries when she fell in the hospital.
Lawsuit Filed Against Safeway, Inc. Over Caramel Apples

Safeway,Inc. is being sued for selling prepackaged caramel apples which are now connected to a listeria outbreak that caused 5 deaths so far. The suit claims that the caramel apples had traces of listeria and caused severe injuries to the victims.
Answer to the question

January is #1 for divorce filings in the U.S. Any ideas why?
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