MARCH 2015

Special Thanks – We Name Names

I would like to personally thank JERRY HEPP, CLARENCE JENKINS, ALAN GUNTER, KATHY MOSCHEL, MELLISA PEDERSON, KATHRYN ALLEN, ANNETTE BROOKS, CINDY TAYLOR AND KIM CHICCHI who have graciously referred us clients concerning injury cases recently. I hope you know how much I appreciate your kind referrals. My sincere thanks to each and every one of you and any others I might have failed to acknowledge. We really appreciate you and hope everyone continues to keep us in mind regarding injury referrals.
Widow Of Bernie Mack Drops Wrongful Death Lawsuit

The widow of comedian Bernie Mack has dropped a wrongful death lawsuit against a Chicago dermatologist who treated Mack three weeks before his death in 2008. No details as to why.
FedEx Woes – Family Wins $165 Million In Wrongful Death Lawsuit

A Texas family has won $165 million in a lawsuit against FedEx. A big FedEx rig crashed into the victims, killing the mother and daughter. Yes, we do tractor trailer cases too!
Also, did you see the TV commercial of the lawyer standing on top of a big truck saying he does injury cases? How bizarre! Please, someone give him a Superman cape!
Family Of Man Killed By Drunk Driver Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit

A Kansas family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the drunk driver who is charged with killing their father. A 17 year old was on probation and violated his curfew when he drove drunk and hit and killed the 52-year-old pedestrian.

Joan Rivers’ Daughter Sues For Medical Malpractice On Behalf of Actress/Comedian Joan Rivers

Melissa Rivers has filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against the clinic that botched her mom’s throat procedure. Rivers stopped breathing on the operating table as she was undergoing a vocal chord procedure. She died one week later at the age of 81. Yes, we do medical malpractice cases.
Can Parkinson’s Disease Be Related To a Traumatic Injury?

We have this very issue with a current client’s severe surgical injuries in a slip and fall on ice. Since then he has shown signs of Parkinson’s disease. Although this a minority view, there is some evidence that Parkinson’s can be caused by trauma.
Medicare, DPW And Lien Holders

Part of the personal injury practice now routinely involves satisfying Medicare, DPW, family support and other liens associated with a person’s treatment. This is a substantial change in the law. Twenty five years ago none of those issues came up in the practice of personal injury law. Do you think this is a good or a bad thing?
Experts, Experts, Experts

Did you know that there are individuals who are actually road defect experts? They are usually engineers and they will review a defect in the road and tell you whether or not this defect was a substantial cause of the client’s injuries. More and more the practice of law, especially personal injury cases and medical malpractice, involves the use of experts. They can be very expensive. We advance all costs for obtaining experts to review your injury or malpractice case.

Product Liability Cases And Investigation

We just investigated a drill press machine that caused a client’s partial amputation of his finger. In product liability cases you almost always need an expert, who is usually an engineer, who will review the operation of the machine and will say, with some degree of certainty, whether or not the machine functioned properly.
Norwegian Cruise Line Fire Kills Three

An engine room fire aboard a luxury cruise ship operated by a Miami based company killed three people. The fire broke out aboard the 684 passenger Insignia cruiseship while it was docked in St. Lucia.
Injury Case Help

To better represent you, I belong to a paid on-line list-serve through the Bar Association. Any attorney who is on the list-serve can send out a request for information to any other attorney throughout the state of Pennsylvania. If someone has that additional information, they can share it with the host attorney. It can often make or break a case.
Congratulations to Norma V. on winning last month’s contest! A $50 Giant Eagle gift card is on its way to you.

Now for the March Newsletter question, and a chance to win a free $50.00 Giant Eagle card. What special event occurs on March 17th?

Your attorney/friend, Bernie Tully
Happy Spring!!