We all know that one can make a claim under the Dram Shop Act if a bar serves a visibly intoxicated person and that person causes injury to another. The classic case is when a bar serves a visibly intoxicated patron who then goes out and gets into his car and severely injures or kills someone. But the question of this post is a little different.
The Pennsylvania Superior Court recently ruled on this question. A police officer was in the course and scope of his work, and got a call to go to a bar regarding a drunk at the bar. The drunk was over-served by the bar and was loud, obnoxious and screaming. When the police officer arrived there, a verbal confrontation occurred and ultimately the drunk injured the police officer while he was trying to arrest him.
The Pennsylvania Superior Court had to look to why the officer was at the bar. He was at the bar in the course and scope of his employment. This was part of his job. He did have to physically fight with the drunk, but the Court decided that is also part of a police officer’s duty.
The bar argued that allowing the officer to bring a claim against them would violate public policy. Bars often have to seek an officer’s help with unruly patrons.
The Court wrestled with this issue about whether the officer could make a claim. Ultimately, though, the Court came down in favor of the bar. Part of their reason was in fact that the bar should not have to first consider insurance claim exposure when requesting police assistance. Doing so would endanger public safety. If a police officer, who was injured on the job under these circumstances, could make a claim against the bar, possibly they would not be called as often and innocent victims could be hurt in the process.
The name of the case is Juszczyszyn v. Taiwo, PICS No. 15-0589.
What do you think of this decision? Do you agree with it? Why or why not?
These are the kinds of thorny issues that Judges have to deal with on a daily basis.


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