JUNE 2015

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Slip & Fall Cases Against Malls And Other Companies

These cases can be challenging. Why? Because the Mall or companies like WalMart and McDonald’s always try to blame you the victim for your injuries. They usually claim you were not paying attention.  Challenging does not mean impossible though. We regularly represent victims of slip and fall cases. Call us to discuss your injuries risk free!
Man Falls From Cruise Ship & Rescued By Another 5 Hours Later

An obviously intoxicated man went over the ledge of a cruise ship recently. Fortunately he survived. The cruise line was following the standard suggested safety height for railings for passenger safety. Not much else the cruise industry could do in this one in our opinion.
Woman Paralyzed From Stroke Awarded $35 Million

A woman was awarded $35 million in Massachusetts after becoming paralyzed from a stroke she experienced several hours after giving birth. The woman was awarded the money after suing Bedham Medical Associates where she sought treatment for dizziness. She should have been placed on a list of patients with certain medical conditions after an MRI and C-scan showed she had brain abnormalities. Her doctor failed to place her name on the list. The tragedy occurred because of that negligence. We do malpractice cases!
Los Angeles Settles Wrongful Death Lawsuit For $450,000

Los Angeles County will pay $450,000 for a two year old boy who was killed by his mother’s boyfriend, after calls to social workers about abuse were ignored by the County.
Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed Against Fayetteville Police

A family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against police in North Carolina for a man shot and killed by officers. The lawsuit filed by the family of a 21 year old claims the officers used excessive force by shooting the victim in the back.
Pictures Often Tell The Story

In our demand packages to the insurance adjusters, we detail your medical injuries. However, there is something about seeing pictures of injured people and their condition that resonates with the adjusters in terms of getting a higher offer. Please send us your injury photos if you have any.
FBI Sting Ray Spying – FBI Secret Deal With Police Hides Phone Dragnet From Courts

The FBI is taking extraordinary and potentially unconstitutional measures to keep local and state police forces from exposing the use of the so-called Sting Ray surveillance technology across the United States.
Multiple non-disclosure agreements revealed in Florida, New York and Maryland show federal authorities prohibiting local law enforcement from disclosing any information, even to Judges about the cell phone technology.
Criminal Law Strategy

Most criminal cases wind up being plea bargained. That is not necessarily a bad thing. You can often get a better result by a plea than going to trial. If you have a criminal matter you would like to discuss with me for FREE, please feel free to call me.
Multiple Vehicle Accident Leads To Wrongful Death Lawsuit

A wrongful death lawsuit was filed over a multi-car accident during a blizzard in Iowa. Fifteen (15) cars were involved in the accident that killed passenger Sheila Blood. The tragedy happened when the vehicle carrying Blood crashed into a semi-truck. The state police determined that the vehicles involved in the crash were driving at speeds too fast for road conditions.
Safe Speed Driving

Just because an individual is driving under the speed limit does not give a guarantee of no responsibility in an accident. If the weather conditions are just so bad that drivers shouldn’t be anywhere near the speed limit, that can become an issue in terms of ultimate responsibility. We currently have this very issue with one of our cases.
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