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A Win For The Good Guys

If the defense wants to offer evidence that some other injury is causing your medical problems, they need expert testimony to establish the link. They must retain an expert who will say that the problems you are currently undergoing were caused by an injury unrelated to the accident we represent you on.

Airline Leg Room: How do airlines compare?

Which airline gives you the most leg room on flights? Any guesses?

It turns out Jet Blue gives you 34″ of leg room, Southwest gives you 32″, Delta, US Air and American give 31″, United gives 30″,  and Spirit gives 28″. Those extra inches can make all the difference in the world on a long flight as all of you know.

Football Concussions And Lawsuits

Recently the parents of a high school student who died when he was hit on a football field, sued the school, emergency responders, medical providers and the state athletic association for their child’s wrongful death. The child had a recognizable concussion from a hit in the first half of the game. He walked off the field wobbly and collapsed on the bench. Incredibly, later in the second half, he was sent back in and sustained the fatal second hit.


The family of a 39 year-old man who was shot to death, has filed a wrongful death suit against the city of Salinas, California. The victim was killed after being surrounded by 6 California police officers, The police say that when they tried to apprehend him, the victim attacked the police.

Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Liquor Store

A Florida liquor store is being sued for selling alcohol to a minor. The minor bought the liquor, got in his car and collided with the victim in an auto accident, killing the victim. Should Pennsylvania get out of the liquor store business?

Dram Shop Cases

Did you know Pennsylvania is one of the few states to allow the person who gets drunk at a bar and injures himself (usually in an auto accident) to sue? Most states do not allow this. What do you think of that?

Highway Deaths

32,719 people died in traffic accidents in the U.S. last year. The rate of deadly traffic accidents dropped 24% from 2004 to 2013. Seat belt use, safer cars and increased police patrols play a big part in this reduction.


A new AT&T survey says that 27% of drivers ages 16-65 went on Facebook while behind the wheel while 30% said they were on Twitter “all the time.” Incredibly, 10% of respondents said they have video chatted or used Snapchat or Instagram while driving. Just the other day I saw a tractor trailer driver in Downtown Pittsburgh texting while driving!

Criminal Law: Good Coming From Bad

Pennsylvania Enacts Modernized Child Abuse Laws After Sandusky Scandal

A major change in Pennsylvania law now mandates that adults who come in contact with children in a professional setting, whether medical, educational, religious or through social or civic services, report suspected child abuse directly to the state, rather than to a supervisor or designated reporter.


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