September 2015

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3 Wrongful Death Cases
1. New Jersey Jail Named In Wrongful Death Lawsuit

The family of a 24 year-old has filed a wrongful death claim against a New Jersey jail. The 24 year-old female decedent was jailed on March 22nd after a routine traffic stop revealed an outstanding warrant for her arrest. She was then found hanging, alone and unresponsive in her cell the morning after her arrest. The family alleges that the staff failed to maintain a safe environment and perform an adequate psychological assessment to avoid this tragedy. They also claim the warden was negligent in training officers to properly screen inmates for suicidal tendencies.

2. Defective Air Bag Blamed For Wrongful Death

A wrongful death lawsuit has been filed by the family of a California woman who suffered a serious neck injury and later died due to a defective air bag. She was driving her 2001 Honda Civic and the Takata air bag in her Civic malfunctioned. The air bag was previously found to be defective when moisture was allowed to seep into it and the ammonium nitrate used to rapidly inflate the air bag during a crash failed. As a result, the air bag, along with the metal canister designed to hold the chemical, exploded. This also triggered an explosion of metal fragments which caused deadly lacerations to the victim’s head and neck.

Almost all of us drive cars and the Honda Civic is a very common one on the roadways. If you have a defective air bag issue, please call us for a free consult.

3. Brain Eating Amoeba Settlement

This sounds like something out of a vampire movie. However, this tragedy involved a young boy in Mississippi dying from a rare brain-eating amoeba. The child contracted the rare brain eating amoeba after getting water up his nose while playing on a slip and slide at his family home. Lower than usual chlorination levels at the water distribution plant in Mississippi, caused by a malfunctioning valve on an ammonia tank, allowed the amoeba to remain alive in the water supply.

50 Year Olds And Older Unite! Your Age And Comfort Level With Your Attorney

Older clients have told me they like the fact that I am in their age bracket because they feel they can relate to me better. I appreciate that, but please don’t ask me my age! Ha Ha!

Love Pittsburgh Style – People Continue To Amaze Me Department
Walking down Forbes Avenue in downtown Pittsburgh today. Going toward Nancy, a homeless woman, who was asking for money. I saw three individuals, who you would swear didn’t have a penny to their names, reach into their pockets and give Nancy money. If that is not what being here is all about, I don’t know what is!

What Matters To A Jury? Believability

I was talking to a court reporter the other day who has sat in on many, many jury trials. In her opinion, what sways a jury in one direction or the other is whether their attorney is honest or not. If the jury does not believe the attorney, it is unlikely the client will receive any recovery. See how we are in this together?

Criminal Law: How One Person Can Make A Difference

Eleven of the twelve jurors in the Joker movie massacre voted to give the shooter the death penalty. One lone juror said no. Since the jury must unanimously agree to the death penalty, the killer will instead serve life in jail. Do you agree with this decision?

Criminal Law: What is the most common arrest in criminal law?

DUI’s by a large margin!

To Our Pittsburgh Sports Fans

It is hard not to like our sports teams here in the Burg with the Pirates in the heat of a pennant race, the Steelers with their potential this football season and the Penguins ready to make another playoff run!

A Small Joke For English Majors

The past, present and future walked into a bar together. It was tense. (Get it? Ha Ha)

Pittsburgh Does It Again

Did you hear that Money Magazine rated Pittsburgh the number one best city to live in, in the Northeast!


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