One of the hardest things for clients to do when they have an offer on their case to settle is to be patient and let us get them the maximum recovery. Here’s what I mean. Insurance companies know that the holidays are just around the corner. They also know that car accident, slip and fall and trucking accident victims (amongst others) need money during the holidays. So what do they do?
They make the victim an offer to settle their case that is a low one. But it is still money. They are putting this carrot there in the hope that the client will need the money so much that they will take the offer.
The insurance company then just waits. If the injury client is desperate they will instruct us to accept the offer.
So what is the alternative? Patience. If you follow our advice and let us get you the maximum recovery possible you will be glad you did. One of the things Pittsburgh car accident attorney Bernie Tully does is talk to you, the client, about the value of being a little more patient.
If you, the client, follow our advice and are patient, the money we will get for you is almost always higher than the insurance company’s initial offer.
I really take our job of getting you the highest offer possible very seriously.
If you let us work for you, you will see that. So please call us today at 412-281-8700 concerning any injury claim.
Thanks for reading
Bernie the attorney