If you are the victim of a car accident, slip and fall, workers comp. injury or trucking accident you probably want to know how to maximize the value of your claim. Here are some suggestions:
1. Keep a daily diary. Jot down in a paragraph or two how you are feeling that day. If you are a client of ours, we can provide you a free calendar for you to use. And yes, there will be enough space to write on the calendar.
2. If you are hurting, get treatment. We are, of course, NOT advising you to get treatment just to run up the bill or to impress the insurance company with the severity of your injuries. However, the primary way insurance adjusters investigate a claim is to consider the types of injuries you sustained, the length of time you treated for your injuries and how often you treat each week for your condition.
Insurance adjusters are able to quickly spot a person who is exaggerating their injuries with excessive treatment. BUT if you are hurting and can show a consistent period of treatment over a sustained period of time the value of your case will likely increase.
3. Treating with a chiropractor for non-surgery cases is perfectly fine. Chiropractic treatment, within limits, can have a positive effect on how the insurance company views your claim.
4. Provide us with the names and phone numbers of anyone who can testify about your pain or injuries based on their observations. This can include a spouse, children, relatives, friends and neighbors.
As you can see there is no full proof way to maximize your injuries to an insurance company. However, when we represent you in your injury case we will work together to accomplish that goal.
Lastly, next month I am going to a legal seminar on current ways insurance companies evaluate injury cases. I will keep you posted about it.
Thanks for reading
Bernie the attorney