2. IF YOU ARE NEGOTIATING YOUR CASE FOR MONEY AND YOU AREN’T THAT FAR APART FROM THE OFFER BEING MADE, CONSIDER FILING A COMPLAINT IN CIVIL ACTION TO START THE LAWSUIT. Why do this? Because often times if you aren’t too far apart, the insurance company knows that they are going to have to start spending money to defend your claim. They have to hire an attorney and start to take your deposition and other legal matters along the way. All of this will cost them money. So sometimes they will meet your demand if it isn’t too outrageously high, rather than get involved in litigation.
3. IF YOU ARE NOT GETTING SATISFACTION FROM THE INSURANCE ADJUSTER ASSIGNED TO YOUR CASE, CONSIDER CALLING AND ASKING FOR HIS SUPERVISOR. If the insurance company supervisor gets a call and tells that adjuster to call you, you can be sure you will be getting a call back. Additionally, it is going to put pressure on the insurance adjuster assigned to the case to make you a reasonable offer.
Pittsburgh car accident and wrongful death attorney Bernie Tully thinks that in almost all cases, you, the injured victim of a car accident, slip and fall, wrongful death, product liability or workers comp claim are better off financially getting an attorney to represent you in your case. Yes, it is correct that you will pay attorney fees on the case by hiring an attorney like Pittsburg car accident and wrongful death attorney Bernie Tully. However, the one real advantage in allowing us to represent you in your case is that we bring experience to the table. We have represented thousands upon thousands of victims of car accidents and slip and fall cases over the years. Just from all the negotiations that we have done over the years with insurance companies, it is hard not to see the games they play.
Each case is different and allowing us to represent you does not guarantee a million dollar settlement or award. All we can say is that we will do everything possible to get you the maximum value for your injuries. That, and you will know that myself and everyone in my office cares about your and your injury case.
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