Medical Malpractice Cases

Part 2

Pittsburgh medical malpractice, wrongful death, car accident and slip and fall attorney Bernard Tully wants to emphasize that there is almost an unlimited number of medical malpractice situations.

The basic test involved in deciding whether your doctor or surgeon has committed medical malpractice is whether his or her action or inaction falls below the standard of care required in the case.

There are many instances where a doctor’s conduct falls below what is reasonable under the circumstances. Yet no medical malpractice claim is pursued.

Why is that?

Sometimes the victims of medical malpractice like the doctor or surgeon who committed the error and just don’t want to sue them. Other times the victims of medical malpractice want to pursue a claim but the damages do not justify it. For example, maybe the doctor gave you improper medical advice but your injuries are only temporary and non-life-threatening.

In those situations many times a malpractice attorney will decline to represent the patient because the situation just does not justify the enormous costs involved in pursuing a malpractice claim.

The cost to pursue a malpractice case can easily run up to $50,000 per case.

Since most medical malpractice cases are handled on a contingency fee basis that means the lawyer who fronts the $50,000 costs may not get any recovery in the case and also may lose the $50,000 he or she invested in pursuing the case.

So if a prospective client comes in with a malpractice claim and their injuries are not very serious many attorneys will decline representation.

Recently I had a high school classmate call me about a potential medical malpractice claim. I asked him whether he consulted with any other attorneys about the case. He said 2 attorneys told him if he did not lose an arm or leg or had major surgeries as a result of the malpractice claim, they were not interested in helping him.

I cannot give you a guarantee that if you contact our office regarding a medical malpractice claim that I will be able to represent you. However I can guarantee you that I will listen to what you say, do the research required to make an informed decision and then honestly tell you whether I think I can help you or not.

I  think people inquiring into a malpractice claim deserve that much at least.

So you might consider calling Pittsburgh medical malpractice, wrongful death an car accident attorney Bernard Tully with your case inquiry for an honest assessment of your case.

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