Honey I Forgot To Duck

Everyone remembers Ronald Reagan’s famous quip to his wife after he had been shot in an assassination attempt. He said to this wife Nancy, Honey I forgot to duck. For a lot of Americans, that sealed it. After that, Ronnie Reagan was their President for good or bad.

Well on a personal note, I had the same kind of “Honey I forgot to duck” experience.

My grandchildren had come in for Thanksgiving to spend the week with us. I had the two boys out in the front yard and was playing ball with them. Pitching them balls. All was going well for about the first hour.

Then Pittsburgh Wrongful Death, Medical Malpractice, Car Accident and Slip & Fall and Criminal Attorney Bernie Tully made his fatal error. I got a little bit too close to the bat and got hit full force with a ball.

The ball hit me directly in the eye. I mean directly. As I was going down I knew this was not good and I was going to have a shiner for sure. Despite running in the house and putting ice on my eye for several hours, the result was still the same. I had a major shiner, black eye the next day. God, it was gross.

One other problem with this situation. I was already scheduled to be in Court on a criminal case Monday morning.

Well, I went in to the courtroom Monday morning representing a client. I was trying to keep my head down low throughout the whole proceeding and hoped that nobody saw me. At the end I had to get up in front of the Judge when the case was called.

I have known this Judge for at least 25 years. He took one look at me and said what probably everybody in the courtroom was wondering. “Mr. Tully, what happened to you?” It got a lot of laughs.

I even used it to my advantage quite honestly in pleading for my client’s criminal charges to be reduced. I tried to use my shiner to get the best deal possible and I think it worked. How is that for dedication?

Boy the things an attorney will do to help his client. Ha Ha
I hope you enjoyed this kind of personal Blog.

One last post- script to this. Four days later we were taking our family pictures and I still had a bit of a shiner. So I got thrown in the back and had to put on my glasses to try to hide it as best as I could. As far as I know, it turned out okay. Geez.

Thanks for reading.
Bernie the Attorney