A LOCAL Product Liability Case

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Today I want to talk about an article that was recently in the Pittsburgh Tribune Review.

The article talked about a 12-year-old boy who had his arm severed just beneath his shoulder when a piece of tractor equipment caught his coat sleeve and cut his skin and bones to pieces.

The boy is from Clarion County Pennsylvania which makes him a local resident in the Western District of Pennsylvania.

Thankfully doctors at Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh were able to reattach his severed arm during a six hour surgery.

The article said the doctors are optimistic that the boy will recover the use of his arm that had been severed.

Legally, the question becomes how did it happen?

It apparently happened when the boys hand got caught in the family tractor with an attached Power Take Off(PTO)equipment piece attached to the tractor.

This could very well be a products liability case.

Why do I say that?

Because in a products liability case, the manufacturer has an absolute duty to make sure the tractor was designed in a way to prevent something like this from happening.

The machine should’ve had a safety bar on it to prevent something like this from occurring.

A safety bar would prevent someone’s arm from getting caught in the machine.

Now IF  the machine were not being used properly that would change the legal assessment here.

For example if the safety bar had been bypassed or rendered inoperable by the owner then the manufacturer of the product cannot be held responsible.

Surprisingly, Pittsburgh wrongful death product liability, medical malpractice car accident and slip and fall attorney Bernie Tully has seen this very thing happen in products liability cases.

What sometimes happens is the safety bar attached to the machine for people safety makes use of the machine difficult to use.

The user the machine gets frustrated about having to work around the safety bar because it makes the job take so much longer.

So what did people sometimes do?

That’s right they disable the safety bar so they can do the job quicker.

Pittsburgh wrongful death, product liability and car accident attorney Bernie Tully does not know what the particulars are surrounding this 12-year-old boys incident.

That is why it is important to contact an experienced product liability attorney IMMEDIATELY after an incident.

In that way the attorney can have the machine tested or examined to see if there is a product liability case.

I cannot give you a guarantee that every injury caused by a machine will result in a products liability $$$settlement.

But I can promise you that our law firm will do a thorough investigation of your claim and not charge you a penny unless we get you $$.

Thanks for reading.

Bernie the attorney.