3 Points About Car Accident Wrongful Deaths Claims

There are three important points to know about car accident fatality cases.

  1.  They are extremely emotional cases. Why? Because by its very definition, a wrongful death case involves a family members DEATH. The family wants answers to what happened. They deserve those answers from the attorney quickly and professionally.
  2. In any wrongful death claim, you should hire an attorney ASAP. Why? Because an attorney can immediately have his private investigator go to the scene of the fatality and interview witnesses, talk to the state police, and develop the theme or theory of the case quickly.
  3. It is likely that a Wrongful death case will be contested by the insurance company for the other side. The reason for that is because the insurance companies liability is highest in a wrongful death case. This is unlike a soft tissue car accident case in which the insurance companies exposure is only the state minimum of $15,000.  Since the insurance company could get hit for millions of dollars in a wrongful death trial, they will usually fight these cases to the end.

It is crucially important to have an experienced trial attorney on your side when a loved one is killed because of the carelessness of someone else.

That’s what Pittsburgh wrongful death, medical malpractice, car accident and product liability attorney Bernie Tully can offer you. EXPERIENCE. 35 years + of actual court room experience.

Check out this recent case that was in the news. This is a real life car accident wrongful death claim:

Multiple Parties Named In SUV Death Suit

The husband of a woman killed in a fatal SUV accident is suing not only the driver of the vehicle, but he owner of the vehicle and the Houston H-E-B store in which his wife was killed as well.

The victim, 31-year-old Karla Sanchez, was shopping with her sister and 2-year-old daughter when an SUV crashed into the store. Sanchez was injured, along with 6 others, and later died from those injuries.

The lawsuit filed by the victim’s husband, Daniel Sanchez, names the driver of the vehicle involved in the crash. It also places blame on the owner of the SUV, for allowing a reckless driver to use the vehicle and on the H-E-B store itself, blaming the substandard pillars in front of the store for failing to provide sufficient protection of customers from the crash.

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