Steelers Lose To Ravens – Part 1

After the disastrous loss on Sunday to the Baltimore Ravens, the Steelers’ players have got to be wondering what hit them. I mean the week before the Steelers had won an electrifying game against the top rated Denver Broncos’ defense.

If you recall, people were saying that the Pittsburgh Steelers were the team that no one wanted to face in the playoffs.

Las Vegas even favored them as a Super Bowl contender.

Going into Sunday’s game, it seemed like the only question was whether we could catch the Bengals and win the division outright.

At the very least, the question was how high of a seed could we get for the playoff games.

What a difference a week makes.

As everyone knows, the Steeler’s were spanked by the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday. Their much heralded offense went in the tank.

It seemed like everything went wrong for them.

Now they are on the outside looking in regarding the playoffs.
We need serious help from other teams just to make the playoffs. Most people don’t think that is going to happen.

Heck, they could even lose to the Browns next week.

Well how is that connected to your injury case?

Pittsburgh Wrongful Death, Medical Malpractice and Car Accident Attorney Bernie Tully thinks the connection is over-confidence.

In both situations you have to really be careful about counting your chickens before they hatch.

Being overconfident.

In other words, just assuming that everything is going to be rosy and victory is assured doesn’t make it so.

Here’s an example:

Suppose in an injury case you are rear-ended in a car accident by another person. You need to have back surgery for the injuries sustained in the accident.

Let’s really make it extreme and say you are hit by a drunk driver. Therefore, there probably is a punitive damage component also.

Many people in that situation would be very confident of getting some serious money in a recovery or a jury verdict.

I mean, come on, it is somebody else’s fault, the guy was driving drunk, and you had major injuries including surgery.

Maybe you might become blinded by the possibilities. Maybe you over state your injuries, hoping to increase the $ offer.

So you wind up going to trial with it and reject the top offer that is made by the insurance company.

The next thing that happens is the jury gives you $10,000 for all your damages.

What happened?

See the connection yet? Stay tuned tomorrow to finish this connection in its entirety.

Thanks for reading.

Bernie the Attorney.

(And still a Steeler fan)