Steelers Lose to Ravens – Part 2

I said yesterday the common connection between the Steelers’ loss and your injury case was over-confidence.

If the jury gave you $10,000 when you were expecting $100,000, what would your reaction be?

You would most likely be feeling the same way the Steelers are right now: shocked.

What happened? How did you not see the problems with your case?

The point of this blog is that, just like the Pittsburgh Steelers losing to the Ravens, in an injury case there is no such thing as an absolute sure bet.


Because no one, not the Judge nor the attorneys, knows the perspective of the people sitting on that jury who are deciding the $$ value of your case.

In the same way, the Steelers are going to need help to make the playoffs from other team, you may need help from a jury that is not inclined to give you help.

Unfortunately, a lot of people sitting on a jury these days are not looking to give people $$.

Instead they are looking to send a message out that they are not going to be a part of these run-away jury verdicts.

In other words, they are cheap.

And you suffer as a result of their cheapness.

Over Confidence: That certainly does not mean that every case under these facts should settle.

On the contrary, there are some cases where you take a calculated risk that it is better to go to trial than settle. And sometimes that is absolutely the best course to take.

However, the point of all this is that just like the Steelers thought they had a sure thing after the Denver Broncos’ victory, you can never assume you have a sure thing in a jury trial.

Well, how do you protect yourself from over-confidence in an injury case that goes to trial?

You do it by preparing for trial in the months before the jury trial.

You go to all of your scheduled doctors appointments.

You keep a diary of your progress from the time you are injured until you are sitting next to me in the Courtroom.

You prepare for your deposition (with my help) so you make a good impression on the other side.

If you do that, maybe you won’t be feeling like the Steelers players must be feeling now! Crushed.

Pittsburgh Wrongful Death, Medical Malpractice and Car Accident Attorney Bernie Tully thinks it is important that you know things like this when deciding whether you should go to trial or not.

Remember, I told you I will always tell it the way it is and not how we wish it would be.
Thanks for reading.

Bernie the Attorney

(And still a Steeler fan)