January 2016

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Ex-Philadelphia Sheriff Charged With Honest Services Fraud (Theft)

The former sheriff of Philadelphia, John Green, is accused of taking hundreds of thousands of $$ in gifts and cash from a firm in exchange for insuring that the company was given large contracts
($) with the sheriff’s office. In other words it was a sham competition for contracts through the sheriff’s office with the sheriff pocketing the $$. Over $500,000 in gifts and other cash was
funneled to the ex-sheriff. Stay tuned.

Car Accidents

If you selected the Limited Tort Option on your car insurance policy, it seriously limits your right to recover $$ for injuries you sustained in your car accident. However, if you are a
pedestrian who was hit by a car, you can make a claim for your bodily injuries regardless of what tort option you selected. Hope that helps!

How You Can Help Your Injury Claim Dept.

1-KEEP A DIARY. It is easy to forget how you were feeling in the weeks after your accident. A diary will record exactly what you went through!

2-Send us anything you receive regarding your accident so we are on the same page together.

A Personal Greeting

I hope that you had a wonderful Holiday Season. It is hard to believe that we have another Christmas behind us and all of us are looking forward to 2016. We hope that your
prosperity from last year carries over to you in every aspect of your lives. Bernie

Allegheny County Jury Awards $32 Million In Wrongful Death Case

An Allegheny County jury awarded $32 million to the family of a 6 year-old boy killed in a car accident in Pittsburgh in 2012. The award included $10 million for a wrongful death claim and $10
million for a survival claim.

On May 1, 2012 the Defendant struck the victim’s car on Route 28, killing the 6 year-old boy and severely injuring others in the car. The driver of the defendant’s company vehicle pled guilty to
homicide by vehicle and aggravated assault by vehicle. The driver apparently took his eyes off the road for a few seconds and the disaster occurred. Although this is a huge amount of $$, any parent knows that no $$ can compensate for the loss of one’s child.

Settlement Reached In Peanut Death Suit

A Judge has approved a settlement in a case involving a Chesterfield, Virginia girl, Amarria Denis Johnson. Ms. Johnson, who was severely allergic to peanuts, died from an allergic reaction to peanuts that were given to her by a fellow classmate during recess at her school.

The child’s mother filed a wrongful death lawsuit against both the school and the state of Virginia. This lawsuit initially sought over $10 million in damages.

Now an official settlement has been reached. In the final settlement approved by the Court, the victim’s estate was awarded over $660,000 in $$ compensation.

Car Crash Tragedy – Infant Death Prompts Lawsuit

The grandmother of a one year old, who died in a fiery car crash, has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the Shelby County Department of Human Resources in Indiana. The infant was killed in a car accident when the mother left the vehicle in flames with the child inside. The wrongful death suit alleges that the child’s mother failed to inform first responders that her child was still in the burning vehicle.

The child was initially removed from his mother’s custody due to abuse, but had been returned to her custody shortly before the crash. The DHR caseworkers and directors acted negligently when
returning the child to the custody of her mother, a known drug abuser, and this action ultimately lead to the child’s death.

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