February 2016

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Temporary Workers Can Sue For Bias: Companies contracting with
employment agencies can now be held liable for temporary employees’
discrimination claims according to the U.S. Court of Appeals for
the 3rd Circuit. According to an article in the Legal Intelligencer,
if an employee is working for a company even as a temp and is
discriminated against, the temp has legal recourse.

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Considers Step-Parents’ Child Support
Duty: There is a case currently before the Pennsylvania Supreme
Court where the mother of a child is attempting to receive child
support from the step-father of the child. She claims that he
pursued custodial rights of the child in Court, so he is obligated
to pay his child support. Do you agree?

Shocking Stat For Women – Female Inequality And Gender Gap:
According to a new study on this issue, it will be another 100
years before women are fully paid the same money as men for doing
the same kind of work. This is just appalling and very unfair.

Philadelphia Jury Awards $1.7 Million In Asbestos Case: A
Philadelphia jury awarded $1.7 million to a factory worker and his
wife in an asbestos lawsuit filed against his employer. Usually
these cases settle before going to trial because both sides see the
risk involved in having a trial. Not this one.

Cat Lovers Unite – Cat Food Lawsuit: The makers of Fancy Feast Cat
Food face a $5 million class action lawsuit over allegations the
company supports slave labor. If this is true, the company is in
big trouble with cat lovers, for sure.

Settlement Over High School Hypnosis Deaths: The families of three
teens will receive a large $$ award after hypnosis by the school’s
unlicensed principal led to the children’s untimely deaths. The
school principal conducted hypnosis on the children without being
properly qualified. Ultimately the children ended up killing
themselves and the families sued the school.

Fantasy Sports Headed Back To Reality: A class action lawsuit has
been filed against 2 major players in the fantasy sports industry,
namely DraftKings and FanDuel. The suit questions the self-
regulatory methods of their contests. It seems a little bit like
insider trading was going on here.

AMUSEMENT PARK INJURY: The Knott’s Berry Farm Amusement Park was
sued by the family of a 6-year-old child who was severely injured
on the Timber Mountain Log Ride. The child hit her head against the
back of the seat in front of her, based on the jolting and jarring
when the ride suddenly stopped. As a result, the 6-year-old broke
the bone directly above her right eye. We can help you with your
child injury case.

flooring giant Lumber Liquidators tried to cover up the extent of
the presence of toxic levels of formaldehyde in their flooring. The
allegations are that the lumber importer has been increasing profit
margins by secretly buying illegal toxic flooring parts from China.
These carcinogen levels are far higher than what is legally allowed
in America.

$6 MILLION AWARDED IN ASBESTOS SUIT: A Pennsylvania injury victim,
who filed asbestos lawsuits against 10 companies, after being
diagnosed with mesothelioma, has been awarded $6 million. The
construction worker victim and homebuilder filed lawsuits claiming
he had been exposed to asbestos, a known carcinogen, in the
workplace and that the exposure was responsible for his
mesothelioma diagnosis.

defective product lawsuit was filed by a California resident
against Zimmer, the maker of the Durom Cup Hip Implant. The victim
had the Zimmer-made product implanted in her body in 2007. She was
forced to get additional surgery to have it removed a year later.

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