May 2016

Dear Valued Readers

Thank you for taking the time to read our monthly Newsletter. This month we wanted to change it up a bit by offering you Free Practical Advice on certain legal situations. We hope you enjoy!

Practical Help You Can Use In Your Everyday Life

(1) Car Hits Deer: If you actually hit a deer and caused damage to your car, how do you report it to your insurance company? The answer you give them can make all the difference in the world. When you call your insurance company and say, ”I hit a deer and I want to get my car fixed”, they might well attribute the accident to you. Meaning it is your fault and your premiums are going to go up. However, a better way to report it to your insurance company is to say, “A deer ran into my car”. That way you greatly increase the chances that the insurance company will determine it was not your fault. We’ve got your back covered.

(2) White-Outs: Any one who has been in a white-out knows that it is a terrifying situation. If you cannot see in front of you, the best advice is to pull over to the shoulder as far as you can and get off the highway. Second, turn your front wheels AWAY from the highway and towards the curb. Why is that important? Because if you are hit from behind by another car in the white-out, your car will be pushed AWAY from the road. If your wheels are not turned, you might get pushed directly into the highway where a real tragedy can occur. Do not get out of your car unless you absolutely see a car behind you barreling at your car that is going to hit you. Your chances are much better if you are inside your car, than if you are out on foot. A Pennsylvania State Trooper gave me these tips based on his years as a trooper. I hope it helps.

(3) Getting Around The Gatekeepers: What is the best time of day to speak to someone in a position of authority at a business or company? Secretaries often act as the gatekeepers to screen callers and persons from speaking to people in authority who can make decisions. Secretaries will block just about any call that comes in unless they personally know the caller or the business knows the caller. How do you best get around that? Call BEFORE work hours or AFTER work hours. Why is that? Because the boss may be in the office early before the secretary is even there. Or the boss is there late after the secretary leaves. It is just possible that they will pick up the phone because they hear it ringing. If you are frustrated in not getting through to talk with the person in
charge, try it and let us know what happens.

(4) Thank You Cards Work Wonders: If you have had surgery or something serious like that, and you are satisfied that your surgeon did a good job, send him/her a thank you card. Many might think that this is hokey and surgeons don’t have time to read those cards, but I give you 100% assurance they do read personal cards. And they love it. Do you think that, after you send a card, the next time you see the doctor for an appointment you are going to be well received? You bet your life you will. The same goes for your accountant, your dentist or any other professional that works for you. Trust me when I say it works.

(5) Best Car Insurance: What is the best bang for your $ concerning auto insurance? If you only have say $100 to spend on auto insurance, I would put a minimum amount ($15) toward your bodily injury claim. In the vast majority of cases, if you cause another person’s accident, and even if it is a serious injury, the likelihood is the victim is going to just take your policy limit and move on. If you get a higher policy, you might be inviting a lawsuit against you. Why? Because there is more coverage. Again, in my opinion, you are much better off using the next $10 to purchase
medical coverage beyond the minimum $5,000.00. I would use the remaining $75 for underinsurance and uninsurance coverage. That is because if the person who hits you has the bare minimum policy, and you have a high underinsurance policy, you can make a claim for the limits of your own underinsurance policy. Yes, we do underinsurance and uninsurance cases. Lastly, always select Full Tort as opposed to Limited Tort. The small amount of $ that you save can destroy your chance of making a claim for bodily injury if you are involved in an accident. It is worth paying the extra
couple of dollars to get the Full Tort Option.

We hope that these practical pointers are helpful to you in your everyday life experiences. Do you have any others to add? We would love to hear from you.

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