Why Ali Was The Greatest…


Everyone knows Muhammad Ali was a transformative figure in the American landscape.

But why?

He beat two boxing champions who were considered unbeatable at the time.

Way back in 1964 he predicted that he would beat Sonny Liston for the Boxing heavyweight championship.
And he did so shocking the world in the process.

He then beat Liston in a rematch by knocking him out in 1965.
The punch was considered to be a phantom punch because no one thought he hit Liston.
It was only in later years with the advance of technology that they could slow down the film and they discovered what actually happened.

He hit Liston square on and knocked him to the ground.

In other words his punch was faster than the filming of the event.

Many people including my son Kevin have a picture of him standing over Liston daring him to get up.

Liston declined and stayed down for the count.

Then he beat the second champion who was considered unbeatable at the time.

Younger people might laugh because he is now associated with cooking grills.
But at the time George Foreman was as powerful a boxer as there was.

Foreman was a heavy heavy favorite.

Anyone ever hear of the rope a dope?

Ali knocked Foreman out and regained the world heavyweight championship.

But that is not what made Ali great.

Pittsburgh wrongful death, medical malpractice, car accident and criminal defense attorney Bernie Tully believes what made Ali great was his ability to use humor to overcome prejudice and bigotry.

People just couldn’t get mad at the guy with all his brashness because of his humor.

Even people that opposed his refusal to enter the military on grounds of conscience were gradually won over by Ali’s transformative personality.

Want an example?

Ali was in a diner one time when a white man came up to him.
The guy had tears in his eyes.
He said he was raised by parents who belonged to the the KKK.

As everyone knows the KKK hates Blacks. He was taught to hate Blacks.

But he said he just could not hate Ali because of the way he handled himself.

The guy said it changed his whole outlook on race relations and he denounced his own parents and the KKK philosophy.

Just think about that.

In Pittsburgh wrongful death, medical malpractice, car accident and criminal defense attorney Bernie Tully‘s opinion that’s the real reason why Muhammad Ali was the greatest.

The 3 three transformative figures of my generation were Muhammad Ali, Michael Jordan, and John Lennon of the Beatles fame.

And for those who still have hatred for religions, but loved Muhammad Ali, ask yourself a question.

How can you hate Muslims but love Muhammad Ali?

Ali was a Muslim.

Think about it.

Legally my office building’s claim to fame is that Ali once came into the Lawyers Building in downtown Pittsburgh. He must have some legal issue and met with an attorney there.

He rode up on an elevator with a older woman who didn’t know who he was.

Can you imagine riding up on an elevator with Ali?

I sure wish I was on that elevator!

Thanks for reading.

Bernie the attorney.