Why Tuesday Night Was Historic…

Well first things first.

This blog certainly is not an endorsement of her nomination for the presidency.
There are many many people who dislike and distrust Hillary Clinton.


It is very unlikely that she is going to have a cult following of supporters for her candidacy.

In fact she had a very difficult time beating an outright Socialist Democrat Bernie Sanders.

Even today the biggest rap against her is that she is just not trustworthy and has a private agenda different than most people.

Then why is this blog about her historic nomination as the first female nominee of a major party for the Presidency of the United States?

Pittsburgh wrongful death, medical malpractice, car accident and criminal defense attorney Bernie Tully thinks the answer is obvious to most women.

It is because she has set an ideal for young girls to aspire to.

Forget the fact that Hillary Clinton is a lawyer who went to Yale law school.

What Mrs. Clinton has been able to do is get younger women and girls thinking about the possibility of their running for office.

Maybe there is a young girl in eighth or ninth grade who hears about what Mrs. Clinton did and starts to think to herself maybe I can do the same.

And why shouldn’t women be allowed to hold the greatest in the world?

Most people will agree that men have done a pretty horrific job leading our country during the past 25 years or so.

With of course some notable exceptions.

But the significance of Hillary Clinton capturing the Democratic nomination the other day is that she broke the glass ceiling for women.

Just like Jack Kennedy did for the Irish Catholics in 1960.

Just like Barack Obama did for the African-Americans in 2008.

She still has to win the general election of course for the dream to be completely fulfilled.

But Pittsburgh wrongful death, medical malpractice, car accident and criminal defense attorney Bernie Tully thinks that we are witnessing another historic 1st in American politics.

And if this historic event gets younger women to think that they can also get involved in politics and do the same as Mrs. Clinton then America wins in the end.

Even without lawyers getting involved.

Imagine that!

Check out the CNN article below:

“So many girls for so long were told — overtly and subtly — what they could and could not be. Housewives? Yes. Teachers? Sure. President? Unlikely.

They were told to not express their opinions too strongly — it’s not polite. To not challenge a man — it’s not ladylike.
For those girls — many of them now mothers with daughters of their own — what happened Tuesday night was more than a political triumph.
Regardless of party persuasion, Hillary Clinton’s victory is the definition of historic: She became the first female presidential nominee of a major political party.
Female firsts in politics
Photos: Female firsts in politics
Her chances of becoming president — the first woman head of state in America’s 238-year history — are now much closer to reality.
“When I was a kid I was never told, ‘You could be president one day.’ My brothers were,” Emily Dreyfuss, a writer with Wired magazine, tweeted Tuesday. “I could be an actress, a teacher, a mother, a writer!”

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