December 2016

Can I Be Trusted With Your Injury Case?

It is a fair question. As everyone knows, a police officer can spot a phony or someone who cannot be trusted in a heartbeat. Well, we currently have several police officers and their children as clients. In addition, many of the police officers are repeat clients. So if a police officer trusts us with his and his family member’s case, why shouldn’t you?

A Christmas Thank You

On behalf of Mary, Denise, Jennifer and myself, we wish to thank you for your referrals this year of friends, family and neighbors to us. We also wish each and everyone of you a very Happy Holiday Season. We hope that God’s love will shine through to all of you and us. Peace!

Nursing Home Cases And Settlements

I was at a mediation earlier this month on a products liability case. The mediator told me that he gets a significant amount of nursing home cases from insurance companies that wish to avoid litigation by settlement through mediation. If any of you have a loved one in a nursing home and feel they have been abused in any way, or that there was nursing home malpractice involved, please call us. We currently have several nursing home cases that we are helping clients on, some of which have even led to deaths in the nursing home.

Electrocution Cases Are Rare

But they do happen. This year we were retained on several electrocution cases. As I start to get involved in the research and the issues involved, I can see that there is a common pattern in all of these cases. We are here to help any one who needs it regarding electrocution injuries and burns.

Criminal Attorney Spends Thanksgiving In Jail

Did you see the article about the attorney who, on the day of trial was unprepared and sent up an associate just out of law school to try a major trial? To make matters worse, the new attorney was instructed to ask for a postponement when the Commonwealth had witnesses who flew in from out of state for the trial. The Judge was furious and sent the lawyer to jail.

Slip & Fall Injury Cases – Why They Are So Difficult?

Because the defense has a built-in defense in those cases. If you are rear- ended in an auto accident, the defense will often admit that they were at fault. So that is one half of the case right there. Then it is a question of what the damages are for your case. However, in a slip & fall case the defense will not concede that they were at fault. Instead, they say that the victim, who was injured and maybe had surgery, was not paying attention. If a jury believes that, then no matter how many surgeries the victim had, she cannot collect money for her injuries! We do slip & fall cases under certain circumstances. So give us a call about your claim.

Pedestrian Injury Surgery Cases

If you are walking and are hit by a car and require surgery, your case may center around whether you were in the crosswalk when you were hit. If you were in a crosswalk, legally you are in a real good position for a recovery. However, even if you were not, it is not fatal to your case. Why? Because the driver who hit you still has an obligation to pay attention to what is in front of him when he is driving. Hope this information helps you.

It Is Okay To Go After Your Own Insurance Company!

A lot of times clients are reluctant to go after their own insurance company when the person who caused their injures does not have sufficient $ to pay for the client’s injuries. But as I tell my clients, you paid extra $ for your under-insurance, so get its benefit! In addition, your insurance company is not allowed to raise your insurance rates because you make a claim for under-insurance on your policy. By all means, lets use that source of money recovery to get you the most $ we can.

The same reasoning applies if you purchased uninsured motorist protection and you are hit by someone without insurance.

Congratulations to Michelle D. who answered last month’s question correctly and won a $50.00 cash prize from us.

Now For Your Chance To Win $50.00 Cash: What is another name for Santa Claus? This one is easy.

The Broken Record Replayed

I know we repeat it often, but we really mean it. Without you our business would not be a success.  You are the engine that makes it work.

Thank you and Thank you!

Help For Christmas

There are still a lot of folks who are out of work and just barely making ends meet. Just last week I spoke to a former client whose husband died tragically, leaving her with three small children and no job. If you really need help this Christmas season, call us at 412-281-8700. We will work something out.


Your attorney & friend,

Bernard M. Tully, Esquire