Your Rear Ender Car Accident Case-How Much $$ Is It Worth?

If you are rear ended in an auto accident case and you are injured what is the $$ value of your claim?

Well if you are in an accident congratulate yourself on being fortunate enough to have clear liability on your side.

Why do I say that?

Because you already have one half of the equation needed to get $$ for your injuries.

Namely that your injuries were caused by someone else and they are fault.

That’s different then say if you are in an intersection car collision and there’s a dispute as to who had the red light or green light.

So pat yourself on the back.

Then the question becomes what is your injury worth?

And the answer to that is no one really knows.

By that I mean, if you ask 25 people what a person’s injury claim worth, your going to receive 25 different answers.

Because it is such a subjective thing.

I can tell you though that often times the insurance company for the person who caused your accident looks do what your treatment was, the length of your treatment, and what your doctors report say about your injuries.

The reason for that is simple.

Insurance companies want to be able to justify their offer to you.

If you had emergency room treatment, six months of physical therapy and were seen by a specialist, then they may think the case is worth say $30,000.

But if that same person who is injured does not get medical treatment or only sporadic medical treatment then it is likely that the insurance company will make a minimal offer to you.

You can have 100 nuns testify under oath about all your pain and suffering and it will not change the insurance companies low offer to you.


Again because they cannot document and quantify the fact that you were injured and are not faking it.

So if you are hurt, by all means get the medical treatment necessary to heal yourself.

And as an added bonus such necessary medical treatment may help the value of your case.

If you call car accident attorney Bernard Tully I will give you an honest assessment concerning the $$ value of your case.

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Bernie Tully