Can I Get More $$ Than the Wrongdoers Policy Limits in an Auto Accident?

That is an excellent question.

There is a way to do it.

The general rule is that the insurance company is only responsible for up to the limits of the auto policy the wrongdoer buys.

In other words, if the person who injures you has a $50,000 maximum policy limit under her car premium, then her insurance company is only responsible for the $50,000.
Even if the the wrongdoer kills another driver,
The law is clear in this regard.

Their exposure ends when they pay out the limits of the policy.
You can sue the wrongdoer individually and get a judgment against that person for say $1 million.
But how do you collect that$$?
In most instances you cannot.

Because you have to find something that the person owns only in their name that you can attach to recover the million dollar verdict.

And as most people know houses,property and bank accounts are usually in the name of the husband and wife.
So no luck there.

However there is still a way to get more $$ from the insurance company than it’s policy limits.
The way is to sue the insurance company for bad faith.

1st you demand the policy limits from the insurance company of the wrongdoer.
They refuse.
You then go to trial and get a verdict above the policy limits.
Now can sue them for bad faith for not giving up the policy and forcing you to go to trial.

In that situation you can get more than the insurance policy limits from the insurance company.

The good news about that situation is you know that the insurance company is going to be good for the $$$.
Unlike getting a judgment against the wrongdoer which you cannot collect on.

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