Accident Cases-Can You Prove to Me Client’s Trust You?

Attorney Tully you say that your clients trust you.
But so does every other attorney on the Internet.
I was involved in a serious auto accident and had to have surgery.
How do I really know I can trust you if I hire you?
Well that’s a legitimate question.
Here is my answer.
Consider what just happened to Pittsburgh wrongful death, car accident and slip and fall attorney Bernie Tully today with a client.
A police officer who I represent was in a rear ender car accident case.
He did not need surgery but he still had serious injuries from the collision.
We settled his case today.
When you settle the case you have to put the settlement check in the clients escrow account. This is required by law.

If we mail the check to the client after we get it from the insurance company it might take weeks to get the check back.
Plus the check can be lost in the mail.

However by having the client give us written permission to sign his or her name to the back of the check before we even get the check, we can save two weeks of mail delivery delay.

The check comes into our office.

We sign the clients name to the back of the check, sign our name and then immediately deposit the check into the escrow account.
BUT the client has to give us written permission to sign their name to the back of the check.

That requires the client to trust us enough to sign for him or her.

That’s where the matter of trust comes in.

Today my police officer client said of course I’ll let you sign the back of the check in my name.
I trust you.

Does anyone think that a police officer who see all the worst in every day living would allow his attorney to sign his name to the check if he didn’t have 100% trust in the attorney?

If that doesn’t convince you I am trustworthy, nothing else will.

Bernie the attorney.