Car Accident Death-What Is My 1st Step?

Attorney Tully my husband died in an auto accident fatality. His car was hit by a truck driver who wasn’t paying attention.
What kind of case should I bring?

First my condolences to you.

You can bring a wrongful death action against the truck driver’s company and since the driver was in the course of his employment his actions are imputed against his employer.
They often have at least a $1 million policy to cover tragedies like this.

There are 2 parts to a death case namely the wrongful death action and the survivor action.
The survival action covers your husband’s pain and suffering prior to his death.
The other half of the claim centers on the wrongful death portion of the statute.
It includes among other factors, things you were tragically deprived of because of the trucking company’s negligence.

The 1st step in all of this is to have you appointed as the Executrix of the estate.
It is a simple procedure done at the Courthouse.

We can help with all the paperwork needed to open the estate.

The reason why this is necessary is that unless an Estate is opened you cannot bring a claim against the trucking company.

Please also bear in mind that there are time limitations in which you must bring your claim within in order to make a recovery.

At the end of the case assuming that the case settles, we will present a petition to the Court to get its approval to resolve the case.

All wrongful death claims must be approved by the Court in order for the settlement to be valid.

This is as much to help you as it is to help anyone else who might be affected by the lawsuit.

For example, sometimes there are lien holders who have a claim for payment of benefits due to the lawsuit. One example may be the hospital bill involved in the case.

The company should be responsible for this bill not you.

Pittsburgh wrongful death and survivor attorney Bernie Tully has handled MANY wrongful death and survivor claims in auto accident fatality cases.

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Again my sincere condolences to you.

Attorney Bernie Tully.