What If My Medical Bills Are MORE Than $5000?

Attorney Tully
OK I get it that my auto insurance company will pay for my medical bills up to at least the first $5000.

However in my case I had to have back surgery from my auto accident.

Plus I was in the hospital for 5 days.

In addition I had to be life flighted from the accident scene.

Therefore my bills are over $5000 for sure.

What happens to those excess medical bills?

Who pays them?

Answer: That’s a good question.

And my deep thoroughly reasoned legal answer is it depends…

The reason I say that somewhat jokingly is because not all bills that are incurred by you must be repaid out of the settlement of the case.


In Pennsylvania, the law is that if your medical bills are over the $5000 amount and are paid by your private healthcare insurance provider then you have to read the specific contract language about paying back the liens.

Each policy is different.
If your health care program is an Erisa covered program, then your attorney is required to make sure those bills get paid out of any settlement.

But if the bills are not paid through an Erisa plan then there is no absolute duty for the lawyer to repay the bills out of the settlement.

In that situation, the bills become much more negotiable since your healthcare company is not guaranteed payment of their bills.

Sometimes they are willing to accept a penny on a dollar for the bill.


Because they would rather get something for the bills incurred than nothing
And that puts you on a much better playing field.

Pittsburgh wrongful death, car accident and medical bill negotiator Bernie Tully can help you sort through the maze of outstanding medical bills.
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What could be simpler than that?

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